Saturday, December 09, 2006

Fight back or not

Bill Clinton supports dialogue with Iran

Mr Cut-and-Run himself thinks the way out of Iraq is with Iran's help. Of course he thinks that. Does anyone remember how fast he got us out of Mogadishu? The bodies of the dead Rangers weren't even cold when he ran - tail between his legs. Yet, he thinks he knows the way out of Iraq.

I'm sure Iran can be of assistance. I'm sure they'd love to help out. If we leave the area without a stable Iraq, or with a quasi-Iranian puppet regime in power, then Ahmadinejad and his Iranian goons become THE dominant force in the Middle East. Is that what we want? Am I the only one thinking long-term here?

Does it bother anyone else to know that Iraq is THE battle-front, the front line, in the war on terror, and that it is one of the main things keeping the terrorists in the Middle East and NOT in North America? What happens when we lose that battle-front, not to mention lose it prematurely in a defeated manner? My guess is, within one year there will be another major attack here.

But I am a majority rules kind of guy and 71% of the folks want out. Okay. I'll go along. But I WILL say "I told you so" the next time we're hit and those 71% are staring aimlessly wondering what happened. We need to decide something. Either we fight back or we don't. Either we wage war on these people or wait for them to do the same to us.

Clinton has made his decision. Is he right?

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