Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shut it down!

As the latest budget "deadline" approaches it is becoming more apparent that the Republican "leaders", those professional politicians, have learned little from the last election.  John Boehner is proving that he has no courage. 

When swept into office, the GOP promised $100 billion in spending cuts.  Two months later they have delivered $10 billion.  They're latest proposal is to cut an additional $61 billion.  Ten plus sixty one does NOT equal 100.  And worse, Boehner and his rhino cronies (are you listening Mr. Cantor) are now signaling that they may be willing to compromise on that. 

For perspective, in February the federal government overspent their budget by $220 billion.  That's one month, $220 billion in the red.  So even if the GOP somehow finds the guts to make good on their $100 billion promise they will have managed to balance the federal budget for about 2 weeks.  That's it.

The Dems, as usual, have resorted to scare tactics.  The latest is to fill people with fear about a government shutdown and clear intent to blame the GOP for it.  Boehner and the others are falling for it.  In his latest statement he said his intent is "to cut spending, not shut down the government."

Well, Mr Boehner, I have some advice for you.  Shut it down!  You're operating in a cess pool of corruption and greed, of special interests all with their hands in the people's piggy bank.  Shut it down!  You run a government that overspends $5-10 billion a DAY, with no plan or intention to balance the budget or pay off the debt.  Shut it down!  You operate a ponzi scheme for retirees, a substandard healthcare payor system for the elderly, and devote billions of dollars to a failed educational system.  Shut it down!  You operate a flawed tax system that punishes achievement while subsidizing the laziness and lack of motivation in the unemployed.  Shut it down!  You send billions of dollars overseas to nations that hate us.  Shut it down!

Most of all, you run a government that is bloated, incompetent, inefficient and ineffective at doing any of the things that the Consitution demands of it.  It is a government run by people with no comprehension of the everyday life in America, by people with no business sense and no integrity, by people who care only about buying votes through entitlement spending and goverment handouts.  And you do all these things while shaking down the American taxpayer and the job creators for every penny we have.  If you don't have the marbles to reform this failed system then your only option is to SHUT IT DOWN!

Mr Boehner, the Tea Party may not be storming the capital building of Wisconsin, but I assure you we haven't gone away.  We are strong and we are watching closely.  We graced you with the office of the speakership.  It is an honor for you, and a great responsibility.  But we expect results.  If those results aren't delivered, then this Congressional term will be your last as you will be sent back to Ohio unemployed.

If they give you no other option...SHUT IT DOWN!

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