Thursday, March 10, 2011

I support Representative King

I support what Representative Peter King is doing.  Why?  Because I think investigating the threat of Jihad within the American Muslim community is a worthy investigation.  I don't know if Jihad is a problem among American Muslims, but I would like to know, and wanting to know that doesn't make me a racist or an "Islamophobe". 

I think asking if mainstream mosques support Jihad and support Sharia law is a question worth asking.  Because I think the answers to these questions will benefit us all.  If Mr. King discovers that Jihad is indeed a major focus in the mainstream American Muslim community then we have done much for our national defense.  If he discovers the opposite, then we have done much to heal our divisions and diminish the suspicion - warranted or not - that many Americans carry toward Muslims.  So I think he is doing the right thing.

But some people feel otherwise, and the old tactics of the Left once again emerge.  King is being attacked and demonized for this.  He has been likened to McCarthy, called racist, Islamophobe and of course compared to Hitler (isn't that their favorite comparison?).  If you listen to the Left, you would think King is preparing to gather all Muslims into detention facilities like FDR did with the Japanese.  The sensationalism has really gotten out of hand.

Have you ever noticed that this is the same basic tactic the Left always uses?  No matter the issue, large or small; state, local or federal; the Left always seems to be a one trick pony.  They divide us into groups, pigeon hole us according to what serves their purpose best, and then pit us against one another based on those divisions, feeding off the chaos that ensues and advancing their own political causes as a result. 

If it's not rich vs. poor; working class vs. wealthy class; Muslim vs. Christian;  it's Gay vs. Straight, White vs. Black, Old vs. Young, Insured vs. Uninsured.  This is all they have.  They can't argue their issue based on the merits of their position because usually their position has no merits.  It's hard to argue that public unions deserve the right to contribute millions to elect politicians that will turn around and vote to give the unions more millions in taxpayer dollars.  You can't argue for that, so they make it a rich vs. poor thing, a wealthy vs. "the working man" issue because that's all they CAN do.  You can't argue the rationality in asking the questions that Mr. King is asking, so they make it a racial matter,  an "anti-Muslim" matter, a Muslim vs. non Muslim matter.  Their hope is to shame the rational thinkers and common sense Americans into seeing things their way.  It's the only trick in their bag of tricks and unfortunately sometimes it works.  Sometimes we are guilted into losing our common sense and rational thinking.  Guilted and shamed into basically thinking like a Liberal.  Hopefully, those days are soon over.  More and more of our political leaders are beginning to display courage against these attacks and refuse to be shamed by the nonsensical.

No, King feels these questions are important to answer and so he is determined to answer them.  I think we all - Muslim or non Muslim - will benefit from it.

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