Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Christine O'Donnell wins in Delaware. The GOP establishment has been dealt a major blow and they are all crying in their embroidered hankies.  Here are my thoughts:

The Tea Party is a genuine grassroots populist political uprising.  We haven't picked up pitchforks or tried to tar-and-feather anyone.  No, instead we have dug in our heels and decided to make a stand right here, right now.  There are a lot of problems in America and the two ruling parties are mainly the ones who created those problems.  The Tea Party holds no allegiance to the GOP.  In today's America there is very little difference between Republican and Democrat.  Even Bill Clinton said the Tea Party makes George Bush look liberal.  He's right, at least from a fiscal standpoint.

Washington is dominated by the political establishment.  Some have D by their name, others have R, but they all behave pretty much the same.  Gut the treasury, dole out gov't handouts to people and special interests in order to gain political favor, breed dependence and buy votes.  Obama says the GOP in the Bush years ran up record deficits.  He's right.  Yet, Mr. Obama chose to double-down on those efforts and show the GOP a thing or two about deficit spending and mortgaging our future.  That is unacceptable, so the Tea Party has taken a stand against both.

But the political establishment won't go down without a fight. They've been entrenched for decades, ignoring the will of the people, dating back to the 1930s (with a brief respite during the Reagan era).  They feel they are invincible, and they have a lot of money behind them.  O'Donnell, like Sarah Palin, was brutalized in this campaign.  Her personal finances were attacked, as was her character, as if the ruling class has any sort of record to stand on in those two areas.  She was called "unelectable", and now the GOP clan refuses to back her in  the general election.  Fine.

The same criticism was launched at Rubio, Angle, Brown and Morris.  The GOP's message was: Trust us, we can win, the Tea Party can't.  No thanks.  In our eyes, the GOP and the Democrats are all the same and we're tired of it.  We want people in Congress who actually REPRESENT the voters, will LISTEN to the voters and will ABIDE by the will of the voters.  So, one by one, the good ole boys of the GOP are falling.  Good riddance.

They said Castle could win, O'Donnell could not.  So they asked the people to vote for the less-appealing candidate simply because he could win.  No thanks. Things like that symbolize what's wrong in politics, namely voting according to what furthers your career, or keeps in step with your party and not according to what's right.  O'Donnell has her flaws, no doubt.  And she is certainly not a slick-tongued politician, but she does represent the people and pledges to protect the people's money.  If she doesn't then she will get booted as well.  Electable or not, a vote for her was right.  We may lose the general election, but we will not lose our integrity in the process just so we can take back the Senate for the GOP.  The GOP doesn't understand the wisdom behind that, which is exactly why we've abandoned them.  Why vote Mitch McConnell to replace Harry Reid when, in truth, the two really aren't that much different?  We are rejecting both, just as we rejected the aristocracy and nobility of the old-European ruling class of the 1700s that simply wanted us to just shut up and obey.

There is nothing the establishment fears more than a populist uprising, which explains the attacks.  The Tea Party has been called xenophobe, homophobe, Christian extremists and, of course, name it.  Most of these attacks come from the embedded politicians and the media that enables them.  So be it.  It will not weaken our resolve for change.  I challenge you to see for yourself.  We uphold the ideals of Dr. King, Susan B Anthony, Washington, Madison and Jefferson. That's a fact.  If Dr. King were alive today he would be marching with us, if not leading us himself.  We embrace immigration as a cornerstone principle of this nation. We treasure the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and we abide by them, fight for them and uphold them.  The attacks on us are not genuine.  Instead, they are an effort to retain power in Washington and retain control over the people.  Nothing more. "Just shut up and obey, or you will pay".  Well, we're not intimidated.

If Americans allow themselves to be influenced by the establishment and the ruling class, then they will reject the Tea Party.  But if Americans decide to form their own opinion through experience, I think they will be surprised at how appealing the Tea Party really is.  I encourage everyone to talk to a Tea Partier, attend a rally, listen to what we have to say.  Yes, there are some kooks, but they don't represent our movement.  You will agree with us more than you may think.  But if you listen to the neo-marxist media, the academians, or the political ruling class, then you will certainly hate us as they do.  Such is their strategy.  They are pinning their hopes on the general population remaining ignorant of this movement.

Don't let the media influence your opinion, and don't let the slick politicians define us.  We ARE the people.  We DEMAND accountability from our leaders.  We UPHOLD the values of the Constitution.  And we DO NOT CONSENT to the frivolous, reckless governance that we've been subjected to from both parties.  If you see us as anything different then you haven't seen the real Tea Party.  And if that is "unelectable" then America has no hope for survival.  Plain and simple.  If we choose the status quo - GOP or democrat - then we choose a perilous path of self-destruction.  This is our stand. We refuse to allow our nation to crumble without action.  It was our complacency and apathy that allowed the ruling class to entrench themselves in Washington and stray from our Constitutional foundation.  If that course continues it won't be because we remained complacent.

(Note: since this was posted the GOP has decided to help fund O'Donnell's campaign.  Prior to this announcement, O'Donnell's website was flooded with contributions, even to the point that the site itself crashed)


John Washburn said...


Yesterday after the NRSC announced they would not back O'Donnell in the general election, Chairman John Cornyn's office was inundated with calls and emails demanding they reverse this position. By the end of the day yesterday, the NRSC had agreed to help fund and support O'Donnell's campaign

Prior to the election, Karl Rove lashed out against O'Donnell, questioning her mental stability and calling her unfit for office. O'Donnell fired back after her victory and Rove himself has come under intense scrutiny from Tea Party activists. Today, Rove was heard praising the Tea Party and said that heated primaries were healthy for the party.

Prior to the primary, polling showed Delaware voters favored Dem Cris Coons over O'Donnell by 26 points. Today, that gap has already shrunk to 11 points.

It appears as though the GOP establishment has begun to fear the Tea Party. THAT IS GOOD. A wise man once said: When the people fear the government it is tyranny, When the government fears the people it is Liberty.

By the way, I just heard today that Mr. Coons once revered to himself (in a college paper) as "Bearded Marxist"

John Washburn said...

That should have been "referred to himself", not "revered". Sorry