Saturday, September 11, 2010


Nine years ago a group of Muslim radicals murdered 3000 American civilians.

Despite what George Bush says, they did not do this because they hate freedom, hate liberty or hate what America stands for.

Despite what the Left says, they didn't do it because of America's involvement in the Middle East or our friendship with Israel.

Those Muslim extremists murdered 3000 American civilians because they believe their religion teaches them to do it.  They believe their god commands them to do it.  They adhere to a "convert or kill" philosophy.  They feel that all humans must convert to Islam, and any who refuse must die.  This is what they believe and that is why they kill.

They will continue to do it whether or not we're involved in Iraq.  Whether or not we're fighting in Afghanistan.  They will continue to do it whether or not a few whackos decide to burn the Koran. Whether or not we display tolerance and allow them to build a Mosque at ground zero.  Whether or not we reach out to them for dialogue and understanding. 

They will continue to do these things until:  1) We all convert to Islam, or 2) We are all dead, or 3) They are all dead.

There are no other options.  Until one of these three things happen, the radicals will continue to murder the innocent.  Plain and simple.

God bless those who grieve today.  May your loss never be forgotten.  May the reason for your loss never be distorted.

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Burning the Qur'an accomplishes nothing of value...

Reading it, might lead to enlightenment!

Allah's Apostle said: "I have become victorious with terror."
Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, 220

(Or, see our Sept 1st Post, "Signs of the Times")

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