Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fort Hood terrorist attack

How things have changed. I just saw a recent study on the three major news networks and it showed that the majority of the stories on the Fort Hood attack never mentioned the words "terror" or "Muslim". That's precisely why I don't watch the network news.

First, let's call it what it is. This was a calculated attack. An act of war. An act of Jihad. The man involved wasn't insane. He was an Islamic fundamentalist. He was a Jihadist who bought into the extremist notion that non-believers are the enemy, that anyone who opposes the extremist ideology should be killed. He didn't suffer from any disease. He didn't "just snap". He was well aware of what he was doing and he was doing it for a cause. Why some people have difficulty admitting that is beyond me.

This was the deadliest terrorist attack on US soil since 9-11. Fourteen people were murdered in the name of Islamic fundamentalism because they were non-believers, because they were part of the "great satan".

Today, Hasan was charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder. And as the father of one of the victims said...that's a good start. Hopefully, more charges will come. Now, we have learned that he has been wiring money to Pakistan. Once the FBI discovers that these wires were going to fund the Taliban and Al Qaeda, I expect him to be charged with treason. I would also like a 14th count of murder given the fact that one of the casualties was 2 months pregnant.

I could get into the questions of why this guy slipped through the cracks, but that is something that will be debated and discussed for a long time. Basically, my own military experience taught me that much of the military has inexplicably become political. The Pentagon is way too close to D.C. Political correctness has infected it as it has infected much of our society, even to the point where it has become dangerous. I know why Hasan was never investigated, nor identified as a potential threat. I saw the politics during my own time in the service. I'd be willing to bet that there were several people on the low end of the chain-of-command who sounded the alert, only to be squashed by their superiors. Anyone with recent military service will agree with me for they certainly saw it as well. There is no greater evidence of it than that seen in the Army Chief-of-Staff's statement about the attack, that it would be a greater tragedy if the Army lost its diversity.

A greater tragedy? Good grief.

This guy was in contact with Al Qaeda recruiters. He repeatedly denounced the US activity in the Middle East. He burst into repeated religious rants while counseling returning troops. He gave a medical lecture about the need to behead infidels, which included the statement that "we love death more than you love life". His business card included "Soldier of Allah". He cried Allahu Akbar while murdering the troops. He wired money to Pakistan even though his family was originally from Jordan. Yet, we want to focus on PTSD and bullying as an etiology for his action. This is what they do in Europe, afraid to acknowledge the problem. And that is why the problem over there has grown.

I also would like to see an end to the obligatory disclaimer that everyone inserts during their commentary. We've all heard it. "Not all Muslims are terrorists" or "there are many Muslims who serve with honor" or "Islam is a religion of peace". No kidding! Is this really necessary? Does this help? Are we so afraid of being painted with the bigot brush that we feel we have to issue this statement anytime we talk about terrorism? Give it a rest.

So the investigation will go on. Congress will probably have hearings. The pundits will discuss it for weeks. But I think plenty of damage has already been done. When the enemy is capable of infiltrating our own military and executing a deadly attack on defenseless troops, the majority of the media and many American citizens along with the Presidential administration lacks the courage to call it a terrorist attack by an Islamic fundamentalist. There is little that can demoralize our military more. If we lack the courage to name it, how on earth can we have the courage to confront and defeat it?


allison said...

Really? Did you hear this argument on Fox News?

Anonymous said...


Whereas I am unwilling to state that all Muslims are terrorists it sometimes seems to me that all terrorists are Muslims.

There is no question that Hasan fell through the cracks and should have been discharged for performance reasons alone. My question to you is: How do prevent this scene from being repeated?


Tom the Redhunter said...

Great question, TLGK. It does go to the heart of the matter.

I'll answer by considering how this Hasan fellow "fell through the cracks"

The stories now make clear that Hasan was an obvious nutcase, radical, and may as well had "potential terrorist" tattooed on his forehead.

Yet no one said anything. Why?

Because they were intimidated into silence by political correctness, that's why. Because they feared being tarred with the label of racist or 'intolerant' if they spoke out.

And given the reaction to this incident - the "we must watch out for a backlash!" - the PC intimidation will continue just as strong as ever.

So if there are other Hasans out there we'll never find out.


How wonderful - Only one discordant

Apathy and Ignor-ance is the disease, and full awareness is the cure.

For an enlightening article, look to India's 1400 years of dealing with the great muslim prophet's death-culture; tap into Dharmaveer's "Thoughts of a nationalist Indian" (see March 17, 2009 post).

Wry Mouth said...

Insanity is marked pretty clearly by a lack of coherent planning and caution -- often a lack of the sense that what you are doing is wrong.

He didn't start firing at the gatehouse. He had a plan. Gonna be hard to get insanity defense to fly very far, particularly in TX, where the limits of it might be even more stringent.

Anonymous said...


I think it was less PC than it was bureaucracy. Non of his superiors wanted to go through the paper work to get him dismissed from Walter Reed.