Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Somebody please act like a leader!

Congress is taking a holiday. In the midst of unfinished business relating to the [insert hyperbole of choice] financial crisis of 1995-2008, those we have elected to serve our best interests feel they need a break.

Before I get into the politics of this mess, let me first comment on yesterday’s vote. Despite my conservative beliefs, I felt this rescue package needed to pass. I like the provisions the GOP added but even without those I would have voted for it. Again, we’re talking the lesser of two evils. But perhaps my economic ignorance was showing, and perhaps the general population knows more than I.

The GOP effectively killed this bill, along with 95 Democrats who joined in their dissent. As a result, the criticism has been harsh, starting with Barney Frank and his snarky comments. I’ll just note that Frank stinks of corruption and is neck deep in this financial bind, so any comment of his lacks any credibility. He is covered in the blood of failed banking institutions. I am shocked that he maintains any position of authority in this issue, he should have recused himself immediately or been asked to step aside from the negotiations. Of course, such action depends on competent House leadership. I’ll also add that 12 of Frank’s own committee members voted against the bill.

While I feel those in dissent were wrong, I must add that I was glad to see the political process actually work. GOP members said they’re offices were flooded with calls and emails speaking out against this bill, amounting to somewhere near 50 to 1 against the bill. So they voted according to the desires of their constituents. What an amazing concept! Yet, Frank and Pelosi feel it is appropriate to criticize them for it, displaying the usual Democrat paternalism that “we in Washington know better than you the voter”. That alone speaks volumes.

As for Pelosi, I’ve seen Cub Scouts demonstrate better leadership skills. She couldn’t get a third of her own party on board, and yet wants to blame the GOP for not coming along. Talk about no credibility? It is obvious to me that the top three US officials come up empty in this area. If the President, Vice President and House Speaker can’t get a majority vote on a critical bill, what should we as voters think about that? And judging by the performance of our two presidential candidates, it doesn’t look like Bush’s successor will be any better. Is it too much for a candidate to step forward and point out how ludicrous the House’s behavior really is? Is it too much to tell America that the House has failed, and ultimately failure rests with leadership? We all know it, I would just like to see that one of the candidates knows it as well, and has the guts to say it!

She rips the GOP for the crisis, effectively blaming them for all our problems, then can’t understand why no one in that party will support her. Now, shame on any Republican whose vote was determined by Pelosi’s words (mainly because anything she says should be immediately discarded with yesterday’s garbage), but on the other hand what on earth was she thinking? You have a fragile vote on the floor on a highly controversial bill and you preface the vote with partisan attacks!? I think it’s safe to say that she is probably the only person on this planet who thinks that’s an appropriate thing to do. This woman is an absolute disgrace. She is unfit for role as Speaker and I would encourage the House to hold a vote of no-confidence in her leadership. Steny Hoyer is much more suited for the job. If the Dems want to appeal to the center and move away from the radical Left, this would be a good way to start. If Obama had any guts he’d be the first to ask for it, but don’t hold your breath. For that matter, why hasn’t McCain called for her to step aside?

So when Congress returns from celebrating a religious holiday, they will face another vote. Likely, they will pass a GOP bill, despite a Democrat majority, which is fine with me. Today, the DOW was actually up which casts some doubt from WEP on whether Paulson’s and Bush’s characterization of the urgency of the matter is accurate. At any rate, it’s about time something gets done with or without leadership in the House. If Pelosi won’t step up, then maybe the Republicans should take over and pass their own bill. Regardless, I think I speak for many when I demand that someone please step up and be a leader???

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