Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Real quick, I was impressed with McCain in the debate, Obama not so much. You know it was a problem for Obama when the media says it was a “tie”. The contrast was amazing. One man had experienced the world’s many critical moments, had interacted with foreign leaders in difficult times, had helped the country overcome adversity in many ways. The other candidate read about all these things.

Obama was well-rehearsed and did a good job of regurgitating answers back to the moderator, but there was absolutely no substance. When asked a somewhat unexpected question: “In light of the financial crisis, what programs will you postpone?” Obama had no answer. But on the expected questions, he had well-prepared answers. The only problem is that I have no idea who this guy really is. There is zero substance to him and I’m beginning to wonder if his repeated “present” votes say more about him than we originally thought. Yeah, I know what he says his policies are but I get the sense that his policies are defined by polls and not principles. That’s a creepy way to govern. Here’s a question: Has he proposed or said anything grossly unpopular?

Basically, when the debate ended I felt the need to give him an “A minus” on his test paper and hand it back, not vote for him for president. I follow this stuff closely and I truly have no idea what he really stands for.

The events of the past 2 weeks have solidified my opinion that Barack Obama is not ready to be President. In the midst of a financial crisis he basically told his fellow Congressmen to call him if they needed something. This was the equivalent of voting “present”. Then he went to the gym. One thing he did not do is display leadership. In short, when America needed him he wasn’t there. The next President will step into a buzzsaw of domestic and foreign policy problems. I could list them all, but we know what the president-elect faces. Obama is not up to the task and I don’t think America can afford to let him learn on the job when he will need to be 100% on day one.


Dan Trabue said...

Do you have similar problems with Palin's unsubstantive answers to questions?

For many of us, much moreso than Obama, Palin comes across as very likable and very much in over her head.

Anonymous said...


I grow more and more convinced that people see what they want to see.

When I saw McCain state: "Nuclear Iran poses exitential threat to Israel..." I thought to myself, "Once again, the Straight Talk Express has left the highway and is driving through the weat fields. It was just like the interview with the Spanish newspaper.

As I may have remarked earlier, debating skills do not a competent leader make. Nevertheless, in my choice of "the lesser of two weevils," McCain has not yet shrunk below Obama.

Given his his tendemcy toward rashness in his reactions and his choice of running mate, I have some real concerns.


John Washburn said...

Loop, I don't blame you. I have concerns as well but I hardly fault McCain for seeing a threat in a person who calls Israel a "stinking corpse".

If it were up to me, both parties would hold an emergency re-nomination and give us two candidates that would reassure all of America regardless of electoral outcome.

Dan, I won't deny Palin's lack of qualifications, but at least she's on the bottom of the ticket for crying out loud! Obama responds to a deepening financial crisis by saying "call me if you need me". And this man wants me to be confident that he is ready to be President??????