Monday, December 03, 2007

BJ has done it again! This time, while stumping for his "wife" in Iowa, Clinton appeared to blame our illegal immigration problem on Bush's tax cuts. The story first appeared on Neil Cavuto and the Left is upset because they claim Clinton's words were wrongly spun. The point Clinton was making was that Mexico is loaning money to the US and this money is partly being used to fund Bush's tax cuts. Mexico could better spend this money investing it into their own economy, thus putting more Mexicans to work and eliminating the problem.

Okay, on the surface it seems to be a valid point. But BJ is missing something. What he doesn't mention is that all of this illegal immigration has become Mexico's 2nd largest export. Money coming back into Mexico from their US population is quite substantial, surpassing the amount of money Mexico loans to the US to pay for those evil tax cuts, which amounts to a good investment for that country. Yet, the Mexican gov't does not appear to be doing a whole lot of good with all that money, especially when it comes to investing in their own economy to put their citizens to work. This would simply be foolish. If Mexico finds jobs for all of these people, then they may not want to come to America, which would mean the demise of their SECOND largest export. Basically, Mexico has no reason and no motivation to stop illegal immigration from their country to ours, regardless of Bush's tax cuts. In fact, if the problem was stopped, it would be very detrimental to them. This is why the Mexican leadership gets so upset whenever we talk about sealing off the border.

The other point BJ misses is that government revenue is higher now than it was when he was president, tax hike and all. What??? Tax cuts lead to more revenue? Obviously the Democrats STILL have not grasped this concept. We'll keep trying. Eventually they'll understand. Eventually.

It's not like this is a new probelm. Illegal immigration has been an issue since the '80s, INCLUDING the Clinton years of astronomical income tax. Clinton's point is fundamentally unsound and completely political...and he knows it. So who's spinning here? Yet, I can hear the sheep in the distance, agreeing with ol slick willy, and looking upon him as though he has just enlightened the world on this issue...bah!

I guess Clinton's answer to this problem would be higher taxes. Of course. Don't the Democrats answer EVERY issue with higher taxes? If we tax the American people until their eyes bleed, then we wouldn't have to borrow money from other countries. Of course, conditions in this country would be so crappy, that no one would want to immigrate here anyway, so it would be a non-issue. Perhaps that's the Dems ultimate strategy. Let's make America suck more. That's how we solve the immigration problem. Unbelievable.

But I'm happy BJ is discussing immigration. I've said before the polls clearly show this to be a losing issue for the Democrats. They are so desperate to lock up the Latino vote, that they have no idea what the majority of Americans want, which translates into a losing issue for them.

So keep it up, BJ. Keep immigration on the forefront. If this is the biggest domestic issue in next year's election it will lead to the defeat of the Democrat party.



Legit Mexican-American Citizens
are understanding it; there are
more G.O.P votes within that group
than the Democrats think...and
many are veterans back from Iraq
to tell their families the truth!

This election in 2008 will be
closer than most think now, and
the Gen. Petraeus surge will continue to influence voters.
Gen. Wes Clark will be Hillary's
Pick for V.P. Bet on it! reb

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

There you two go agiain, in the words of RR. You have adopted the philosophy pof wishful thinking prefering it to reality.

Doctor. Go to Read his November 30 posting entitled "Success breeds failure" then read Praguetwin's comment. Your economics are all wet.


I know that all Republicans are not cut from the same cloth. If you somehow think that the Hispanic community outside of the Cuba-American community is going to rally behind the GOP you have succumbed to the "wouldn't it be nice" vision of the world.

In addition, like may war supporters, you believe that the success of the surge will magically transform public opinion regarding the war.

Seen any political reconcilliation in Iraq?

Observed any likelihood that the war will not continue to suck our military and other national resources?

Your thinking is: "The surge is working, therefore the policy that made the surge necessary is a success."

Repeat that three times in fvront of the mirror, while clicking your heels together and see if it gets you back to Kansas.



Loop Garoo: Is That The Routine That Works For You? Watch out for those Munchkins, et alia.
John, All Serious Bloggers that fight the...

'Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy' need a
corner for humerous quotes, and Loop Garoo Kid is failing you. May I help?


George Bernard Shaw Said It:

"If you're gonna tell the truth
you better make 'em laugh,

Or, they'll kill you!


Bill Clinton Quote: (unconfirmed)

"I chewed on her ear-lobe,
...but I didn't swallow"!

The Loop Garoo Kid said...

reb, Need a humorous quote from vast political right wing conspiracy?

"I think the level of activity that we see toady from a military standpoint, I think will clearly decline. I think they're in the last throes, if yoiu will, of the insurgency."

Vice President Richard Cheney speaking to larry King on June 20, 2005.


Anonymous said...

Regards and Delirium, Loop,

I didn't know that Cheney had any
prophetic talent; are you saying he saw the 'Surge' a year before it

Another quotable from Sen. Harry Reid, in his infinite wisdom said in April, 2007, "This War Is Lost!"
And Nancy Pelosi sitting on her
perch over-looking S.F. Bay agreed!

"Now let's Impeach Bush/Cheney!"

In Tehran, the Ayatollah turned to
Ahmadinejad grinning through his mustache said, "these fool Infidel's are admitting defeat; they will fall like a ripe fig!"
So much for dumb quotes. Point, and what's your point, Loop? reb


The Loop Groo Kid said...


Recently, at every opportunity, you are slipping at dig at soemone, most recently Bill Clinton.

So, I figure that the Democrats do not have a monoploy on idiocy so I thought I would quote the VP for you.

He wasn't being prophetic. As is typical, he was just wrong inasmuch as his "the insurgency is in its last throes" quote was made prior to the worst of the bloodbath and long b/f the surge was instituted.

As for winning the war, I'll go w/ Dr. W's definition which as I recall is a viable democracy in Iraq, although I am paraphrasing him.