Saturday, December 08, 2007

At last NBC has decided to show its true colors. Any objective viewer could easily see that NBC was well entrenched in the Left camp. I mean, could MSNBC be any more biased? But the actual NBC network seemed to fake it for a time, and at least attempt to portray a persona of non-partisanship. Until now.

NBC is the only network that refuses to air an ad sponsored by This ad is non-political and certainly non-partisan. Its content is nothing more than a series of people saying "thank you", and their gratitude is directed towards the men and women serving in the US armed forces.

That's it. There is nothing voicing support for Bush, or support for the Iraq War. There is nothing condemning Congress or the Democrats. This is a simple thank you for America's fighting forces, a token of appreciation for the upcoming holidays.

And NBC won't air it because it is considered "controversial".

Now, in fairness, they say the ad includes the Freedomswatch website, which is what disqualifies the ad from airing. Does anyone actually believe that? Again, no other network (not even CBS or CNN) had a problem with it. But NBC considers it way too controversial to thank America's soldiers.

To view the controversial ad, CLICK HERE.

And remember this the next time you're flipping through the channels. If given the choice, I'm gonna watch something else.


BB-Idaho said...

It seems rather childish. But then, that's the media, refusing
customers. At we see pretty much the same thing...better "watch something else", I guess.

Allisoni Balloni said...

They would not have a problem with it if the web address were removed, but the group declined that offer. It is not controversial because of the message it conveys, it is controversial because it contains an address of a website for a politcally conservative pro-war Iraq policy group, and that is something that is considered controversial and according to NBC standards, will not be aired.


We stopped watching MSNBC when the
hate-spewing Keith Olberman attack
on Bush bordered on sickness. Whoa,
this network's management is about
to give this fellow a scolding!

Nope. It became a nightly tirade,
twisted and more vicious. What's
this about. More of it, and I switched to CNN's Lou Dobbs to balance out Fox, with Britt Hume,
John Gibson, and Shep Smith.

CNN's Cafferty obviously doesn't like Bush at all, but he's not as sick as Keith Olberman either! That guy needs a padded rubber-room. I want unbiased news, not that! reb

John Washburn said...

Allison can continue sipping the Kool Aid.

Yes, I am aware that's what NBC says, but don't believe a word of it. NBC has since reversed their decision (due to obvious pressure) and will now air the ad. That tells me that this so-called standard was transparent. NBC just didn't want anything glorifying America's military.

Allisoni Balloni said...

And wasn't interested in thanking the troops unless their name and their policy was attached to it. Seems genuine to me...

Dan Trabue said...

I'm curious, John, if you were similarly unhappy with the networks when they refused to run the ads paid for by the United Church of Christ that said ALL were welcome to their churches - even gays? Those were not, after all, political at all in nature, just an ad campaign for a particular denomination.

Or how about the time that the networks refused to air ads critical of the networks for the failure to cover the Darfur crisis in the news.

Or how about their refusal to air a MoveOn ad critical of Bush's policies?

I'd tend to support them running all three of the above ads, as well as the ad from the freedomwatch group. I'd also tend to think this particular example fails to prove a network's bias, seeing as there are multiple examples of them refusing to air so-called "liberal" ads.

John Washburn said...

Allison, you spin very well. No doubt you would fit in well on Bill Clinton's presidential campaign staff

Dan, the answer is NO - I would not object to any of those ads being aired, so long as the rates were fair and didn't favor one group or another (ie, the New York Times) and it was made clear who funded the ad. I'm all for full disclosure, freedom of speech and fairness.

And I could make an argument that the ads you mentioned weren't aired for a reason. I would think the Church would experience a backlash from conservative Christians (the vast majority of Christians) for running such an ad. And the same would have likely happened to The American people pretty much have their number already.

Dan, you can make excuses for them all you want, but NBC is clearly in the corner of Left. Have you ever watched MSNBC? It should be renamed the Hate Bush Network. It's beyond ridiculous.

Ditto Reb. Olberman lives in another atmosphere, somewhere out there with Ron Paul, Kucinich, Penn, O'Donnell and all the other nuts who suffer from Bush Derangement Syndrome. I think it's time these people sought professional help. Hopefully, we can find a cure together!

Dan Trabue said...

I'm just saying that IF refusing to air ads is a sign of opposition to a viewpoint (left, right or otherwise), then clearly the networks have demonstrated their anti-Left positions.

In other words, this example of yours fails to make the point that the networks are biased towards the Left.

BB-Idaho said...

Aw, "Allison, you spin very well. No doubt you would fit in well on Bill Clinton's presidential campaign staff" that's real nice.
Perhaps you meant if she spun with
great artifice and hypocracy, she
would be Karl Rove?

Kristina said...

I can see how NBC might consider this to be a controversial ad. There are some people, after all, that do not like the military and what they stand for. They don't want to thank them, and they don't. Instead, they denegrate them. So, yes, this could be considered a controversial ad. However, if NBC doesn't want to display anything that is controversial, I would recommend that they just stop their network altogether.

After all, no matter what you show, whether it be the news--from any viewpoint--cartoons, cerainly sports!, nightly shows... Someone is going to be offended by the content, which makes it controversial.

While I agree that NBC is a left "leaning" network--in that they are totally entrenched on the left--they usually keep it to the cable channel. Here, they were not trying to show their colors, just trying to do their thing.