Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Drones: Take my advice

Okay, I can't take it anymore.  I have to post about the ground zero Mosque. No, this will not be a commentary.  Anyone who reads this page surely knows where I stand on the issue.  Instead, I have a few words regarding the national debate on the issue.

For starters, if anyone reading this is ever engaged in a debate about the ground zero Mosque, and you for whatever reason feel the need to point out that those people have a right to build the Mosque, then please hit yourself upside the head with a hammer.  It will say so much more, trust me.  Making a statement like "they have a right to build it" basically screams "I am a moron".  And there's no better way to say "I am a moron" than hitting yourself upside the head with a hammer.

How many times has this happened? You'll be engaged in a civilized discussion about the issue when suddenly any drone within the immediate vicinity feels the need to point out they have a right to build it.  Thank you for that brilliant Constitutional insight.  The intelligence is suddenly sucked out of the conversation. It's like Joe Biden walked in and entered the debate (by the way, Joe was recently heard on an interview saying...that's right, "they have a right to build it").

It's the same thing when you're discussing illegal immigration and a drone has to point out that it's wrong to oppose immigration, and how important immigration has been in our history.  You just kinda look at that person with a blank stare unsure how to respond.  Nothing screams idiot like the parroted opinion of a drone.  And, honestly, how do you debate idiocy?

Hopefully, one day someone who controls the opinions of the drones and feeds them their talking point du jour will decide to instruct them on how to differentiate the terms "could" and "should".  As in: Could they build the Mosque? vs. Should they build the Mosque?  But right now, keeping them in confusion seems to be the best way to paint the conservatives - and anyone else who opposes a Mosque at ground zero - as intolerant Islamophobic radical racist nazis who hate the Constitution.  Exactly how that helps the current administration is unclear, but that's his gameplan and he's sticking to it.  Maybe the strategy is that anyone who is an intolerant Constitution-hating radical Islamophobic racist nazi can't be taken seriously when they say things like it's unconstitutional to force me to purchase something that I don't want to purchase.  But I'm just speculating here.

Until then, looks like we'll have to put up with those occasional moronic statements. But a word of advice, instead of saying something like "they have a right to build it", you can say so much more by just hitting yourself upside the head with a hammer.

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Anonymous said...

"God loves us but he sends nearly everyone to hell? How can you believe such nonsense?"

Let's pretend that we are the judge of a just court. Our son, Adolf Hitler comes to the stand for judgment. We love him (for even the parents of murderers love their children) but we punish him for murder. Why? Is punishment a sign of a lack of love? No, in fact, if we do not give justive we have no love at all.

When one of my children punches a sibling in the face I'm not being loving by refusing to punish the behavior. It is, in fact, the most loving thing I can do to punish the bad kid.

"A truly loving, all powerful, holy and perfect God would just forgive us himself without the need of a human sacrifice."

Again, you need more Bible. God's justice flows from his character. A house divided against itself can't stand (this is even the economy of demons and devils). The wrong things we do, Steve, can't just go away. If you picture the supernatural universe as similar to the Materialist universe know that cause and effect are not suspended without unraveling the very laws of reality. An action MUST cause a reaction. Only the author of reality can choose how to deal with those effects and He chose a personal, intimate, loving way to deal with the effects of our sin.

Ralph, There are many atheist who believe neither in God nor Hell. standing on a rail road track with your eyes closed & a freight train headed straight for you at 80mph makes it no less real. So because you deny hells existence makes it no less real either! Out of curiosity, sin you do not allow God to pay for your sins, what do you do with them? I mean the time 10 years ago that you did something cruel, entertained a horrible thought in the cradle of your soul...where did that stuff go? Because I think it's still there, undelt with, festering, testifying against your person.