Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Holder The (Not So) Wise

Interesting news. Eric Holder has filed suit against the state of Arizona for its recent immigration law.

This is the same man who is defending the US government in the health care case. The same man who dropped charges on the Black Panthers who were caught on film blocking access to a polling station and intimidating would-be voters.

So, according to Holder, if a cop in Arizona were to stop someone for a traffic violation it would be unConstitutional for the cop to demand proof of immigration status, yet completely acceptable for that person to be forced to purchase health insurance. And if that person were blocking access to a polling station then he couldn't be touched at all, especially if he were black.

That's the logic and wisdom of our current attorney general...the man who announced that the Arizona law was unconstitutional while also admitting that he had never read it. He refused to utter the words Islamic extremism so as not to offend anyone. And he felt it was wise to move the KSM trial to NYC at taxpayer cost to show-off the glory of the American justice system while he also potentially damaged his case by announcing that he would achieve a conviction and a death sentence for the 9/11 murderer.

That's Holder the Not-so Wise. Anyone else have trouble sleeping at night knowing this buffoon is in charge of our justice department?


Anonymous said...

No John. According to Eric Holder and anyone who understands the Constitution of the United State, the AZ law violates the Supremacy Clause and is "preempted" by any applicable Federal Law.

Otherwise, you AZ could have one law; TX, another; and NY a third.

Next thing you know, states would start printing their own currency.


John Washburn said...

Loop , welcome back, good to see you still visit despite my hiatus. I’ve actually missed our frequent back-and-forths. I’m assuming your “anybody who understands the Constitution” comment wasn’t a deliberate shot at me.

I’ve yet to hear specifically how the Arizona law pre-empts federal law. It’s a rather short law, easily readable, and there is nothing that I’ve read that conflicts with federal law. If anything, I’d say the Arizona law reinforces federal law. After all, federal law allows government officials to demand proof of immigration status FOR ANY REASON, not just for reasonable suspicion. Are you saying that Arizona goes beyond this?

However, if you make the argument that Arizona violates the Constitution, then I’d also like to hear your opinion on sanctuary cities. Do they not violate federal law? Aren’t these sanctuary cities deliberately violating the supremacy clause of the Constitution? Shouldn’t Holder be prosecuting them as well based on his complaints against Arizona ?

From what I’ve seen, Eric Holder is a racist. He sees skin color before he sees anything else, and then he bases his course of action afterward. His decisions are determined according to skin color and, therefore, he is a racist. The Justice Dept is no place for a man like that. Shame on Obama for putting him there.

As for the supremacy clause, I would think that you would be educated enough in US history to know the reasons for the supremacy clause and the founders intentions behind it. It was not put in the Constitution for the purpose of attacking states who choose to enforce federal law in what could be perceived as a politically incorrect manner. You should know better.


Welcome Back Dr. Washburn!
The Doctor's Legal Opinion Clearly Trumps The Denver Attorney!

As to the Illegal Immigration Issue...if and when the federal government react to millions of illegals penetrating our sovereign borders, kidnap and murder rates soar, and drug lords see the weakness..they are emboldened..private property rights are totally ignored, the citizens understandably will seek help, not from the FBI, but from their local and state enforcement officials.
If the Governor appeals to the POTUS, and he fails to forcefully and adequately respond to the increasing violence, the legal (and moral) responsibility falls back on the state.
Mr. President, Do Your Job!



The Federal Government is already "printing their own currency" --
As for Eric Holder, he keeps making idiotic statements; how long can he last as Att. General of the United States?

He's a liability, and a buffoon..a sock-puppet for the progressive administration. He'll be gone after the mid-term elections.