Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's the point?

So, it has been a while since I last posted and yes the frequency of the posts on this site have dropped off a bit. The simple explanation is that if I posted every day as before this site would essentially become a great mass of negativity. That's because if I commented on current events on a daily basis, there would be very little positive to say. And I'm afraid if I wrote negative stuff on a daily basis it would start to affect me personally. So I'm just kicking back and watching.

And there's one other reason. I'm finding that it does very little good to argue sane points against an insane ideology. I'm beginning to understand that the people who hold liberal viewpoints have become immune to common sense, rational thought, fundamental logic and little things called facts. Ideology is all that matters to them, damn the truth. How do you argue against that? Well, you can't.

It's like having an alcoholic cousin. We all have one. You can reason with him, tell him how destructive alcohol is, plead with him to stop, etc, etc. But the truth is eventually it all becomes futile and the only thing you can do is step back let him hit rock bottom and discover the truths you've been preaching on his own. I guess that's the attitude I'm adopting with the neo-socialist ideology. These people are either power hungry politicians who want to rule the people or they are ignorant drones who vote for the power hungry politicians. It's fruitless to try to reason with them. So perhaps it's best if we just hit rock bottom and let the drones learn some tough life lessons.

Case in point: Health Care.

Congress is on the verge of passing legislation that will completely dismantle the world's greatest health care system. Afterward, they will stand in front of the cameras with big smiles, slobbering over and congratulating each other on the "historic" legislation. Oh yeah, it will be historic alright. History books will mention this one by name because America will never be the same afterward. The Left is ecstatic. The drones are pleased. All I can say is that what happens after this becomes law will be well-deserved. You are the fools who put these fools into office, so now you will reap the consequences.

By the time Mr. Obama prepares for a re-election bid our health care system will be a complete disaster. It may very well be the deciding factor in whether or not he even tries for re-election, if hyperinflation or a double-dip recession doesn't wipe out his prospects first. All doctors know this. As do most hospital administrators and other health care professionals. The shame of it all is that many Americans have no idea. The drones are clueless to what's about to be forced upon them by a deaf, cynical Congressional majority who has no regard for the will and well-being of the people. That makes me a little sad.

As for me and my family, I've already begun taking action to protect our health. We will be fine. But there are so many who are about to be blind-sided by this monstrosity of a law. There is a part of me that wants to take pity on them, but then I am reminded that I tried so many times. We all tried. My alcoholic cousin wouldn't listen, and neither would the drones. So rock bottom is a necessity. I'm thinking it's probably the only way to get the point across.

Remember, this is what you voted for. It's not the government's fault. It's not the "rich" folks' fault. You have no one to blame but yourselves. I won't say "I told you so". It won't be necessary. But I will be there ready to rebuild once our democracy crashes under the weight of our laziness, greed, lack of responsibility, and sense of entitlement. Until that moment arrives, I'm afraid this country is facing some tough times.


Auntyem said...

Goodness, John,

This post is one "mass of negativity". I fear you have fallen into a trap of letting too much affect you personally. We can't have it our way all the time, no matter how right we feel our way is, and you are right to stop before it affects you in some way; I am 70, and I learned that long ago; it is best to see the glass as half full. Things go in cycles and what we feared would come to pass often didn't, and some of what we wanted changed, changed. No use wringing our hands all the time about things that have not affected us yet.

You ask, "what is the point?". The point is that whether the bill is killed or not, we still have to live here and deal with whatever happens. We would never move elsewhere, would we? Real Americans don't give up. Where would I go? My people have been here in what is the US for 10,000 years, and the blacks lost their memory of their African homeland more than 200 years ago, and have made this their homeland, not to speak of others from everywhere who have come here since to make this "home".

About ideologies: if you just changed some words in your post to refer to the extreme right-wingers, it would be what the left-wingers are saying about them. It seems each side is calling the others "drones", and they each follow their preferred pied-pipers.

If the bill is killed, it won't affect me. I am in the position to feel above it all, like you do; should I have a stroke or a broken neck, I have the means to take care of myself and mine. Good that you and yours will be fine too.

Whether this one bill is killed or not, more people in this economy are going to hit rock bottom, not just the alcoholics and others we disdain.

Social programs and civil rights laws haven't been all bad for many Americans. I don't want to go back to the days when I would walk into a restaurant in Texas and be told they wouldn't serve me. I don't want to see the elderly live in extreme poverty and become beggars because they outlived their ability to do the work they did and didn't earn enough, or got injured or developed a disabling or catastrophic illness.

Had SS been privatized, that money would have gone the way many securities went, and that would have been bailed out before the stock-brokers were. You would also have had a revolution of "grey panthers". Many if not most of the tea-baggers are on SS and Medicare and depend on those programs, that is why they demonstrate. They really don't care right now that their children and grandchildren are paying for those programs. Many people in Congress get Medicare.

You are right; no one is listening to anyone. Congress is a train wreck of two ideologies at logger-heads. We are so divided, we run the risk of our foreign enemies taking advantage some way.

God help us all. Merry Christmas.

Port Orchard, WA


Kind and thoughtful words from Aunty Em. However, Dr John speaks not from a biased partisan view at all. If I read him correctly, his heart aches at this nation's imminent peril from men like G. Soros & Andrew Stern that have unlimited access to the White House!

Ben Franklin said: "A republic, if you can keep it."


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone. Sorry reb, leave George Soros in the closet.


Aunty Em makes several points only one upon which I will comment. Any dispassionate rational person understands that until the administration changed, the country was being ruled by ideologues, much to our detriment. A fast 3 examples: 1. Tax cuts for the rich are good. No. They cut government revenue and w/o spending cuts, you merely increase the deficit.) 2. Neo conservatism advises that everyone loves democracy. (The good news is that Iraq has yet to fall into complete chaos, but was it worth the lives and the money? Hint: See Iran.) 3. The market will take care of itself. The Free market works for everybody. ('nuff said here I think.)

So if there is a lesson, it has nothing to do w/ liberal ideologues, only ideologues, per se.


Auntyem said...

Merry Christmas, TLGK,

I don't understand what you mean by "if there is a lesson, it has nothing to do with liberal idealogues, only ideologues" in relation to what I said.

I know I am guilty of making too many points sometimes, or most of the time, and I am not clear which point of mine you refer to.

The way I see it, the Democrats that are way to the left wanted a public option, and that doesn't bother me as much as their credo that "women have a right to choose" since I am against abortion, and I don't know if they want to insist that the public pay for abortions, thus stalling the health reform bill. See, the two sides are at loggerheads, and I see it as a battle of ideologies, neither of which I agree with totally, rigidly.

I criticize those on the extreme right who by their actions have caused "unconstrained capitalism" leading to socio-economic inequities. The Free Market has its abusers. Insurances and pharmaceutical companies are only hurting the middle class and the working poor by overcharging and imposing restrictions, so they brought the current backlash against them on their own.

Taxes? Communities need revenue otherwise we end up in a dark age. California lost a lot of revenue with Prop 13 that put a cap on property taxes, but they have a state income tax. Here in Washington State we don't have an income tax but we don't have a cap on property taxes. Oregon doesn't have a sales tax. Reduced revenues hurt everybody as we have seen. I think it is time everybody paid up, especially those rich with their over-the-top lifestyles, buying castles in Europe, yachts, private jets, etc. Why can't they be happy with a little American home with a picket fence and two cars in the garage? When is too much not enough?

I am uncomfortable with the extreme right's "militaristic approach to foreign policy" which doesn't win us any allies, only encourages the Mugabes and Chaveses and Ahmadinejads to ignore any international agreements and cause their people to be suspicious of our intent.

You see, for generations, since 1600 my Pueblo people in the State of New Mexico have had to sit back and watch opposing sides go at loggerheads and we could only hope the next "boss" wouldn't be as bad as the last. The Spaniards went at it with the Mexicans, then the American North and South, now it is the Dems and Repubs. Under the
Americans we have had it easier. Throughout it all our clan has made it into the middle class which now seems in danger of disappearing and with it will go whatever power we have internationally.

I'm just saying that I am waiting to see "which side wins" this battle.

My husband and I had a wonderful Christmas Day buffet dinner at an upscale restaurant down by the marina. Would that everyone could have life as good.

My apologies to John for my disjointed musings on his blog.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all.

Port Orchard, WA

Dan Trabue said...

Happy new year to all.

Fear not, John. Obama may not be to your liking, just as Bush was not to my liking (nor, in some ways, is Obama to my liking just yet). But the nation is not being flushed down a commode. We are not turning communist. We are and will remain a flawed, struggling nation trying to do our best and often failing, but still trying and, compared to other nations, tending to do fairly well in many ways.

The great American experiment is not over just yet. If eight years of Bush didn't do it in, I doubt that eight years of Obama will, either.

Our fate remains in our hands.


Obama's done in four. reb

sock_puppet_against_cracker_morons said...

Is your alcoholic cousin good looking? If so can you introduce me to her?


Wry Mouth said...

I feel the same way. Take a step back. I think I am going to re-focus on theology. Politics and society are spinning so out of control so fast, trying to comment on everything would be a full-time exercise in commenting on futility.

Anonymous said...


Your thoughts on the most recent Supreme Court decisionTLGK?


Doctor John -

There have been no writings or comments from you since mid-December(six weeks) which causes more than a little concern.

I'm certain that other friends have similar thoughts...are you O.K.? - reb -- Jan 31, 2010


Nothing Here Fom Dr John since mid-December, so perhaps I should lite a little brush-fire:

Tap Snake Hunter's Logo, trip on over to Feb 17th Post to -- > -- >

"What Did Obama Say" {U-Tube} where
that rascal finally admits he's a
Muslim, glorifies Iran, and quotes the Holy Qur'an in a fascinating 10-minute sound-on-film! Truly Unique; It's a handsome Barry Obama like you've never seen before, so you ladies better bring a hankie!
(Prudent comments are always welcomed; potty-mouths are kicked to the curb.) - reb

John Washburn said...

Reb, all is well. Appreciate the concern. Just sitting back and taking it all in. In many cases, I'm too shocked to comment on much of what I see in Washington and wouldn't know where to begin. Like wry mouth says, there's too much going on to comment on everything.

Loop, I was please with the SCOTUS decision. I believe free speech should be protected whether it's an individual or a group of individuals. We all have the right so support our candidate of choice.

I will post again soon, but for now I'm just watching. My hope is for wisdom to prevail over elitism. For a revolution of common sense before our republic is damaged beyond repair. To call this just a "cyclical" thing is to ignore what's actually happening. Our founders never intended this. Feared it maybe, but never intended it.

All I can do is support true conservatives regardless of party politics. And, YES, the free market does work Mr. Loop.