Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jimmy Carter the true Democrat

Back when President Bush was making the case for the Iraq invasion, those who demonstrated against him were called patriots. At that time, dissent was considered the "highest form of patriotism". Now, according to Jimmy Carter, dissent is racist. No exceptions. Not even if you live outside of the South.

Basic logic says that if A = B, and B = C, then A = C. That's basic logic. So if you apply logic to Jimmy Carter you would come to the conclusion that the highest form of patriotism is dissent, and dissent is racism, therefore racism is the highest form of patriotism. That's what happens when you apply logic to Democrats like Jimmy Carter.

I disagree with Barack Obama on policy. This blog has left no doubt regarding that. But I am proud that America has overcome much of its racial past and elected a black man as President. That should make all Americans proud, conservative and liberal. But I think it's a shame that this man stepped into office promising to bring America into a post-racial era, while those closest to him continue to drag us back into the days of fire-hoses, whites-only lunch counters and segregation. That's what happens when a member of the Congressional Black Caucus warns that failure to censure Joe Wilson will lead to people roaming the countryside in white hoods and robes. Yes, he really said that! This is beyond ridiculous. This is irresponsible and I am not the only who is fed up by it.

It's shameful that we can't have a simple policy disagreement without one side accusing the other of genocidal hatred. How can Obama possibly succeed as a post-racial President with that kind of rhetoric being tossed around BY HIS OWN PARTY!? Indeed, by his own administration.

Bernie Goldberg said it best. We don't have a Black President of the United States. We have a President of the United States. His race does not define him. His action does.

It is becoming clearer day by day that the most racist people in this country are those who accuse others of racism the most. They are the ones who insist on judging by color. They are the ones who insist that race is all that matters. They are the ones who categorize people by physical, cultural, and religious traits. Conservatives don't do this. Conservatives judge according to actions.

Simple question: What would Dr. King think about all this nonsense? I'll tell you. He'd be the first to condemn Carter and others for using race as a political club to bludgeon those who disagree with them.

If Obama is going to be the post-racial President he must put a stop to this nonsense. He must demand that the Left knock it off and stop flinging the race card around so recklessly. It dishonors those in America's past who TRULY suffered racism.

It is disgraceful, shameful, and yes, illogical.



Jimmy Carter supports Hamas, Hezbullah, and has favored the Palestine Authoriy for years.
He has no credibility.

Go back to Plains, Georgia, Jimmy!
Your political views lack substance.

Go Plant Some Peanuts! reb

Dan Trabue said...

Now, according to Jimmy Carter, dissent is racist. No exceptions. Not even if you live outside of the South.

Except that's not what Carter has said. Carter obviously does not think dissent is racist, as he has been a dissenter.

Carter is not saying all those who oppose Obama's health ideas are racists. He has suggested, rather, that MUCH of the VENOMOUS ATTACKS and viciously acrimonious dissent has been due to racism.

Now, I am not entirely sure he can prove that assertion, but neither am I sure that you can disprove it. It is his opinion and it is not wholly without merit.

What in the world would explain the viciousness of the dissent, the comparisons to Nazis, to socialism, to hating our nation over a mere policy decision? I am not at all sure that I agree with Obama's plan and might object to it, when I get a sense of what it actually is. But it would be a polite disagreement over how valid his approach is and how costly it is.

I would not denigrate his character or his motives to object. He has daughters here, he is a young man, obviously, he has no desire to destroy our nation (contrary to what many of the "vicious dissenters" are saying). There is room for dissent, especially on mere policy decisions and how much money to spend on this plan or that, or not.

But the level of anger and vile at so many of these meetings, of the gun-toting and implications of revolution over such relatively minor governmental policies is disproportionate and it does make one wonder about some of these folk. Especially when you grew up around folk who spewed that sort of venom for exactly racist reasons.

Now, at least when there was bitter dissent in Bush's case, it was because the question wasn't a mere matter of spending money here or there or not. Lives were being lost. We feared war crimes and torture were being committed. It was serious matters of life and death concern.

The level of vitriol is out of proportion on this health care debate and there may be some darker reasons (pardon the pun) than we'd like to admit, at least in some cases.

Dan Trabue said...

As to Carter's credibility, while I don't always agree with him and I'm not sure what his legacy of his presidency will be, he is easily the most ethical and upright expresident we have had in my lifetime. He has dedicated his life to housing the poor, ensuring fair elections and working for peace.

Disagree with his conclusions and ideas if you wish, but to question his credibility or ethics is to give cause to question your own credibility and ethics.


RACISM "Jimmy?" White Americans Are No More Racist Than Black, Latino or Asian Americans. Jimmy Carter Is Dead Wrong...

White Americans Were Heavily Instrumental In Putting Barack Obama In The Oval Office!

Read > - Frank Luntz has a few words for Dan Trabue on that subject - for his balanced analysis...and comment.



Dr John - I tapped into my favorite
Search-Engine today >

...and 3 favored links popped up! Right Truth. Amillennialist, and

WHEN EVIL PROPSPERS! Now, how about that?



Dr John,

The People Should Know This Much.
There is No HealthCare Bill; none.

The lawyers are working on a bill; it's a "conceptual bill-thingy"
as of this date. The non-partisan CBO, Congressional Budget Office has nothing to evaluate; nothing!

President Obama wants "it" passed by Thanksgiving! Say what?

Dick Morris says that whatever it is, it will hammer the elderly; Destroy Medicare, as we know it.

What's your view? reb
Wednesday, Sept 23rd - 11:24 PM Eastern


Tom the Redhunter said...

Dan Trabue said "He has suggested, rather, that MUCH of the VENOMOUS ATTACKS and viciously acrimonious dissent has been due to racism."

If we accept this logic there must have been a lot of anti-Texas bigotry during the years GWB was president.

I have to chuckle with leftists like Trabue get all bent out shape over the attacks on ObamaMessiah. Given that his side is the one that created and/or egged on hate groups such as he's in no position to complain about anything.

Dan Trabue said...

Tom's comment would be an example of illogical and hateful ad hominem attacks on the person rather than the content of an idea.

I have to chuckle when folks like Tom think his comments pass as adult conversation or reasoning.


IF Dan Trabue believes there is good to be found in MoveOnDotOrg, and he is courageous enough to read
what the man from Belgrade has to say about George Soros - MoveOn and OSI Founder - has done to European Societies with his Sleezy Money...

Find out what you don't know about
that International Monster-Man!

Just go to our PostModern Villian {post} May 9th, under 'Recent Posts' for a barrel-full of left-wing chuckles, to enhance your "adult conversation and inane reasoning"!

reb - Sept 29, 2009 - 1:36 Eastern

Tom the Redhunter said...

Dittos to what Ralph says! That "PostModern Villian" is well worth your time!


"Air Force One To Tower...

The Ego Has Landed!"


Q. All of those white coats at the white house! Now, what's behind the Photo-Op Curtain, Danny Boy?

A. Look for DFA - 'Doctors For America' - another DNC Scam-Scramble, led by John Podesta, and funded by Old Uncle Georgie Soros!

Gotcha, Shadow Government! (Yawn)

(Use your Search Engine! reb)

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