Thursday, August 27, 2009

Down the rabbit hole

Well, it's been a while since my last post. Yes, I still remain active on this site despite the White House's email watch list. My temporary absence can be explained in part by just simple preoccupation with life - which can often get rather busy - and in part by genuine surprise at some recent happenings. I guess you could say that I have been rendered speechless by some of the things happening in Washington and elsewhere. What could possibly get the tongue of WEP, you may ask? Well, my friend, journey with me down the rabbit hole.

Ted Kennedy died yesterday, and YES, the Democrats are exploiting the man's death in order to gain support for their unpopular health reform bill. Seems like of all people the fringe Left would want to mourn it would be Ted. Nope. They're just trying to find a way to make it work for them. I heard someone say he was the greatest Senator ever, and I'm still trying to figure out if it was a compliment. Greatest Senator ever? Sorta like saying greatest loan shark ever. Or greatest mobster ever. Not exactly a title that sparks feelings of admiration.

But still, even though I obviously disagreed with Kennedy on pretty much everything, I believe in honoring those whom we love and admire. And Kennedy was loved and admired by a lot of people. You don't honor someone by exploiting their death for cheap political favor.

Yet the tactic does reflect how clueless our socialist leaders in Congress really are. 79% of Americans are just fine with health care as it is now. Most of them share my opinions and disagreements with Ted Kennedy. So why would saying "Let's do it for Ted" suddenly swing those people in favor of overhauling health care?

Speaking of socialists, Eric Holder was in the news a bit this week. A few months ago, Holder was tasked to decide whether or not to prosecute a group of thugs who stood in front of a Philadelphia polling station brandishing weapons and obviously intimidating voters. He couldn't exactly claim lack of evidence because a few voters actually recorded the neo-Black Panthers - nightsticks and all - doing their Marxist duty. So, Holder just decided to drop the charges. No prosecution. No explanation. I'm sure we are all confident that had it been a group of white extremists intimidating voters in such a way, Holder would have made a similar decision.

And speaking of racism, Glen Beck has become targeted by a racist organization for stating his opinion about Barack Obama. During an interview, Beck explained some of the President's actions and then went on to say "I believe he is a racist." Clearly an opinion, whether you agree with him or not.

Now, I don't know if Barack Obama is a racist. Racist implies that one believes in the superiority of his or her race over others. I don't know what's in the President's heart. But I do know that Glen Beck has a Constitutional right to state his opinion about the President, just as Cindy Sheehan once did. Apparently some disagree. So a racist organization has begun a campaign to threaten Beck's sponsors and effectively boycott the commentator in an attempt to silence his opinion. Dissent and debate are not welcome in the minds of Marxists - case in point, the aforementioned White House email watch list. Among those sponsors who caved is UPS. Which means that I will forever be using Federal Express for all my shipping needs.

But let's get back to Eric Holder. The Attorney General who once argued for the pardon of Mark Rich, the biggest tax cheat in US history, does not believe in prosecuting people who intimidate and discourage potential voters. But he does believe in prosecuting the CIA operatives who played a key role in protecting this country over the past 8 years at great personal risk. Holder points to a 2005 report that suggests possible "rough" behavior during some interrogations. The behavior in question includes - gasp! - blowing second hand smoke in the face of terrorists. Clearly this is much more of a crime than pointing a billy-club at someone while they're trying to vote. But Holder is hell bent. He won't tolerate anything more than predetermined questions read to the terrorist in a non-threatening and polite manner, with special emphasis on the words "please" and "thank you". As in "please tell us where the next attack will be" and "thank you for your enlightening and helpful cooperation". There is simply no better way to get information about imminent attacks. And President Obama has yet to comment on the actions of his AG.

And so we finally come to our hope-and-change savior. Obama has decided that the interrogation of terrorists will be coordinated by the White House. A select panel has been set up to handle this duty, and these people will report directly to Obama just like the upcoming US census bureau. To my knowledge, Obama didn't have any experience interrogating mass murderers during his days as a community organizer, but I may be wrong. Let's hope that he's better at it than the CIA, an organization that has carried out such duties for decades with impressive effectiveness. He wasn't lying when he said things were going to change.

In the midst of dabbling in terrorist interrogation, Obama has appointed over thirty "czars" to advise him on certain issues. Again, these people were chosen by the President and have no Constitutional basis for their job titles. They are unelected and there is no Congressional check on anything they do. Among these "czars" there is a man who is a self-proclaimed "communist revolutionary" who advises Obama about green jobs. What does a Communist know about green jobs? Please email me when you find out. And there is also a man who has openly advocated for population control, saying that the Constitution does not guarantee nor specify the number of children a citizen can have. Yikes! These are the people the President chooses to advise him on matters?

Among the Communists and baby killers, you would think that Obama would have someone with good math skills advising him. Apparently that's not the case. This week the White House announced that - oops - they underestimated the deficit by nearly 30%. Just 4 months ago Obama and his staff projected a $7 trillion deficit. This week, they revised that to $9 trillion. That's not exactly a careless error in arithmetic. Imagine a CFO in the private world going before the board of directors or the stock holders and saying that his numbers from 4 months ago were off by nearly 30%. That guy would be out on his can. Not so in DC.

And this is the same guy who tells us he can give us all health care by driving down costs, allow us to keep our current health insurance if we so chose, keep it all budget neutral, and not raise anyone's taxes.



Doctor John!

Yours Is The Sword Of Truth, And Your Shield Is In The Defense Of Our Free Speech Liberties - One Of Our Fundamental Principles!

Larry King's CNN has extolled an expired "pop-star" for over a month with echoes of "the greatest entertainer in history" (!) - and now we can imagine another month of adulation for "The Greatest Senator!"


This 'greatest' was also known as the Chappaquiddik Kid, after the ugly & shameful way Mary Jo Kopeckne died. No charge was ever filed for vehicular manslaughter back then, 'cuz he was old Joe Kennedy's Kid!

Illegitimi tatum, non carborundum.

Massachusett's Cops were scared to death of 'Old Joe', Billionaire... and Teddy skated! He didn't do a single minute in custody. Well, That's Camelot!

(Read the grim details in any Search Engine, I just dare ya).

Now I'll catch hell for mentioning
it; let 'em squeal! I'm printing this courageous post, and asking others to read it!

Sempre Fi, Doctor! reb


Well, on Aug 27th, Dr John has presented The Facts.

Where are all of those critics on the Left, that choose to offer their weak excuses?

Loop Garoo, Dan Trudue, Allisoni?
Speak up; don't be shy! reb

August 31, 2009


Tom the Redhunter said...

True, how true, Dr Washburn.

The Obama-Holder war on our CIA proceeds apace. It's a disgrace, and a sop the the hate-America left. Obama's losing on healthcare, so he felt he had to give them something.

So he threw his own country under the bus.

Well, we all knew he was going to do it sooner or later.

Rudy said...

You're on a White House email watch list? Well, as pundits often would say when Bush was in office, "If ya ain't done nuthin' wrong, ya gots nuthin' ta worry abouts!"

But I really wanted your perspective on Pat Buchanan's latest article at:

Here, he blames Poland, Britain for WWII. Not the Nazis. And this guy was a Republican back when Limbaugh was a gleam in his daddies eye. What's happening to the GOP, John. All that's left are the crazy Jindals, Bachmans and Nazi apologists. I'm in no way saying that what's left of the GOP are Nazis, but they really do seem to be pushing for seccession, racism, and pure hatred of what our democracy has put in place.

John Washburn said...

Rudy, I consider Buchanan an extremist and a kook. That's why he is the lone "conservative" voice on MSNBC because he is a lunatic and that network likes to paint us all with the same brush. I wouldn't pay much attention to what he says if you're interested in a true mainstream conservative opinion.

The problem with an email watch list is that “right” and “wrong” is defined by the ones doing the watching. I have done nothing illegal, but that doesn’t mean I have done nothing wrong, at least in the eyes of some.

But just to be clear, are you going on record supporting the idea of the White House collecting information on people who voice a dissenting opinion towards it’s policies? Are you okay with this?

As far as the GOP, I don’t know what’s wrong with them. I am NOT a Republican and to be honest that party disgusts me just as much – if not more – than the Dems. I can’t tell you where they went wrong, but I CAN tell you the major problem. The GOP has completely misread the majority of Americans, and ironically the exact same mistake has been made by the Democrats. For some unknown reason – probably because they read too much liberal journalism or rarely venture beyond the beltway – these politicians seem to think that Americans are becoming more progressive, are drifting left. However, actual polls don’t play this out. America is still center-right. The GOP is supposed to represent true conservatism and it has failed in many ways.

Some of your assertions are way off base. Racism? Give me a break. Conservatives are the least racist people in this country. In fact, the only time I ever hear discussions about race is when the Left brings it up. They simply can’t let it go. Conservatives aren’t racist, and it’s really becoming a tired accusation.

Secession? Again, I’ve never heard a single conservative advocate it. I will go on record as saying that there is nothing illegal nor unconstitutional about secession, but no conservative that I’m aware of has called for it.

Hating the democracy? Give me a break. Conservatives embrace democracy and liberty in a way the progressives can’t even fathom. Liberty itself is a concept where Progressives are completely ignorant. If democracy is a system where the people have the power and the government derives any power ONLY from the consent of the people, then who will embrace democracy more: Progressives or Conservatives?

But I agree that conservatives do have serious concerns about the direction we’re going, and that’s because we are drifting away from liberty towards tyranny. I ask you, when a mountainous majority of people oppose health care reform and yet our elected representatives – including the President - push for it anyway, exactly how democratic is that? Would you consider it more democratic or more tyrannical?

In such cases, the system as it is and the system as it should be become two very different things. We don’t hate our democracy, sir. We hate what the Marxists, the Progressives, the Communists, the Socialists and the Fascists have done to it.

And if you claim to support liberty, then I would suggest you study the concept a bit more before you toss your support to the Left. Their recent actions do not coincide with liberty. My open dissent towards those policies does not translate into hatred for our democracy, quite the contrary. Because if we follow through on everything the Left is pushing, then our democracy would no longer exist and instead we would find ourselves enveloped in a soft tyranny.

Tom the Redhunter said...

I'm not a particular fan of Pat Buchanan either. A few decades ago I would have said I agreed with his domestic policy but not his foreign policy prescriptions. But my flirtation with paleoconservatism is well over, so he's lost me on the domestic issues too. And his stance on WWII is plain out crazy.

Rudy said "I'm in no way saying that what's left of the GOP are Nazis, but they really do seem to be pushing for seccession, racism, and pure hatred of what our democracy has put in place."

Yeah sure, how about putting away the talking points and offering a real argument? John, I wouldn't waste my time arguing with such people but it's your blog.



Van Jones. This Guy Has A White House Pass, and...
He Should Be Gone By Monday Morning! reb



It's 9/11/2009, and 8 long years since that tragic day in New York City when 3,000 families suffered an irreparable loss.
It's been 16 days - with only seven
comments here; 3 from Snake-Hunter,
two from Redhunter, one from "Rudy"
and one from Doctor John!

Q. Where are those talkative detractors John? Is Loop Garoo hiding under his desk, and Danny T. and Allisoni suddenly grown all timid and shy? Is their messiah's fall from grace, with the A.C.O.R.N. exposures on Glenn Beck, or Van Jones sudden resignation from the Obama-Team upset their digestion, and slick propaganda skills? Just curious.