Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Unrelated but equally disturbing

Here is a brief timeline:

Sept 18, 2008 – Illinois Senator Dick Durbin was present in a closed meeting between Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and key Congressional leaders. In this meeting, Paulson and Bernanke asked Congressional leaders to devise legislation aimed at helping troubled banks

Sept 19, 2008 – Durbin dumps his stocks and mutual funds into the open market at a total of $115,000. He then used a portion of that money to invest in Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. Within a few weeks, his total investment into Buffet’s company was nearly $100,000.

I seem to remember Martha Stewart going to jail for something similar.

Iran supposedly re-elected Ahmedinejad as predicted and, surprise, there are serious questions regarding the election process. As a result, many Iranians are now engaged in protests against the regime. Those protestors were recently engaged by the Revolutionary Guard and seven people were killed. As of this post, President Obama has yet to issue a statement supporting a peaceful democratic process, has yet to say anything in support of those who are protesting for a fair and transparent election process.

This is unfortunate. Obama says he doesn’t want the US to appear as though we are “meddling” in the affairs of other countries. How ridiculous? The US has always stood for liberty and democracy, even and especially when such a stance – in the eyes of some - amounted to “meddling”. Iran is a nation under tyranny. We have an obligation as human beings to speak out against it. Supporting those who demand fair and transparent democracy is not meddling, it’s simply the right thing to do. If other countries don’t like it, then those countries aren’t on the side of liberty. Nobody’s asking Obama to send in troops, but a statement supporting the protestors would be nice. He is the leader of the free world and is therefore obligated to support those who support liberty. The message he sends is that you’re on your own if you want liberty in Iran.

When Chinese students took a stand for democracy in 1989, George Bush was quick to voice his support. He even called for sanctions when the Chinese military steamrolled the protestors. Obama is wrong…terribly wrong.



Prez Jimmy Carter showed weakness
in November, 1979 when Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini "meddled" with the U.S. Embassy, holding our diplomats hostage for 444 days.

Today, Prez Jimmy Carter is still meddling, playing kissie-kissie with Iran's Puppet HAMAS Leaders in Gaza!

Obama wants to "negotiate" while they enrich U-236, wants to "reach out to them...

if they would just...Unclench Their Fist!" reb

Auntyem said...


I think we have to see just who the candidates are, what choices the Iranians have, and if they are powerless against the status quo like the protesters in China were.

Ahmedinejad's opponent is no more a friend of the West than he is; the opponent worked to remove the "American stooge" Shah Reza Pahlavi and bring back the Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah, no? He and his supporters might be able to oust Ahmedinajar, but they are not the kind of people that would want a democracy like we have here. They wanted and they got their "Holy Islamic Republic of Iran" or whatever they call it.

I think Obama wants to avoid making the protesters look like American stooges, and wait until they ask for support from the West. The majority of Iranians want their quasi-theocracy, their supreme Islamic leader, their Supreme Council, don't they? And Ahmedinajar is still a very powerful thug, with the clerics, the military, independant militias, and the illiterates and rural people on his side.

I think if the other guy had won, it would be the lesser of two evils for Iranians, but the Iranians are no friends of the US or the West. The protesters now are the elites and their college-age children, no? They just want a change from the current dictator.

Don't you think Obama and his advisers will make a statement of support if asked, or that the UN will step in if the suppression gets too bloody and outright election fraud is proved?

At least the situation is embarrassing for Ahmedinejad, a sure indication that his popularity is slipping. It will be interesting to see how things progress, but it may turn out to be another Tianamen, except that there is more of a chance that Iran will experience more sanctions and freezing of assets, etc.

Port Orchard, WA


Good Grief,
"a statement of support", Emily?

A Timid Prez Obama said: "We'll reach out to them, if they would just unclench their fist..."

Today (June 19th) After five days of demonstrating, in peaceful protest of the One-Man Persian Rule, Iran's Grand Ayatollah Ali Khomenei repeated on TV...


reb, Oak Ridge, Tennessee


A Week Of Chaos In Iran! One Million People, all over the country are in the streets!

Iran's 70% Under 30 Population has had enough of the Grand Ayatollah Ali Khomenei,and his ugly little puppet Maqmoud Ahmadinejad.

Moussavi wants Martyrdom!

These courageous people are putting
their lives on the line; blood is flowing, heads are being thumped, 19 dead.

Foreign reporters are isolated to their hotel rooms; signs in the streets say "Death to the Dictator", Down with England, Where's My Vote?, Tear Gas & Clubs Everywhere. Cell-phones defy the Security Police - The World Gets Live Pictures. Protest Rallies in New York, D.C. & Los Angeles, etc in support of "our brothers & sisters" - Down with the Mullahs!

Obama meekly says, "Iran's Government Is Unjust". Really? Oh golly, such boldness; shouldn't we just Negotiate With These Thugs?

Time Is Of The Essence! reb

Anonymous said...

well reb, amongst us, you should be the one to remember that in 1953 the CIA together w/ MI 6 organized a coup that deposed the democratically elected government of Iran. This has made the Iranians a bit touchy when it comes to real or perceived interference by the U.S. w/ Iranian internal affairs.

Arguably, if we had not done that, there would be no Islamic Republic of Iran.

So why don't you take your "Obama meekly says..." and jam it?


Whereas if your information is correct--no reason for me to doubt you--regarding Sen. Durban then as sleazy as his actions were, as I understand it, it does not raise to insider trading. I think that requires acting w/ respecxt to a particular security.



Touchy, touchy, Councilor. Jam it?
Can the sleeze!

Hey, this ain't Porkie Pas; this is a very respectable weblog, so mind your manners, like you would at home with the family.
Go defend International Monster-Man; George Soros spent the Big Bucks, the same guy that nominated Barack Obama. Now, 'slick celebrity dude' is being tested a bit. I guess the much maligned Joe Biden was right, after all.

Hang onto yer hat my friend, you ain't seen nothin' yet! reb

Anonymous said...


I have seen my country invade another on a mere pretext. I have seen thousands of our servicemen and women killed and maimed in a war that should have never been fought. I have seen the expenditure of somewhere in the vincinity of a trillion dolllars on that war. I have seen our economy meltdown as a result of the passage of laws that allowed fiancial institutions to run unchecked w/ only greed as a business model. I have seen an administration that took the position of "no regulation is good regulation."

And you say: "you ain't seen nothin" yet" while looking for George Soros under every bed and in every closet.

One of us needs a reality check. I do not tink it is me.