Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama's talk = Bush's walk

Geithner vows to cut deficit

Timmy Turbo Tax echoed Obama’s promise to cut the federal deficit over the next four years. As of this year’s budget, deficit spending is a staggering 12.9% of GDP, an unprecedented level. Geithner says that the goal would be to reduce deficit spending to about 3% of GDP. But I wonder if he has cleared that with his boss?

Because 2-3% of GDP was the level of deficit spending under George W. Bush, and Obama seems to have a big problem with it. Type in “Obama blames Bush” on a google search and you will get 4.56 million hits. Yesterday, in one speech alone, Obama referred negatively to Bush a total of 28 times despite his own call to end partisan bickering. But the blame has been most vocal regarding the Bush deficit spending, which he blames for his own budget that quadruples Bush’s level. Yet, Obama’s own treasury secretary just admitted that Bush’s level of deficit spending is the target for the current administration some four years from now. So what gives? Is it possible that Obama is endorsing Bush’s level of deficit spending, and that all his rhetoric is just politics as usual?

And since we’re on the topic of Obama and his talent for saying one thing and doing another, this column from Charles Krauthammer takes it one step further. Bush’s economic policies aren’t the only thing being endorsed by Obama. The Bush foreign policy – or at least all the good parts – are also being adopted by the new administration. But Obama would never admit that. No, instead he stands in front of his teleprompter and tongue-lashes Bush, having us all believe that he has completely changed course from the “mess” of the previous administration; and then when we’re not looking he takes the Bush policy, gives it a new paint job, and pawns it off as his own. Or as Krauthammer puts it: “the usual Obama three-step: (a) excoriate the Bush policy, (b) ostentatiously unveil cosmetic changes, (c) adopt the Bush policy”

I can’t explain it other than to say that the Dems think most Americans simply don’t know better. And they may be right. If Bush does it, then it’s a bad policy; but if Obama does it, then we’re on the right track. At least that’s what the mainstream media tells us, and since many people believe what the MSM says those same people are likely to fall for the shell game, continue to hand over their money thinking that next time they’ll be able to pick the shell containing the little rubber ball. The question is: How long will Americans be conned by the smoke and mirrors?

Personally, I think it’s great that Obama is adopting the Bush strategy, but it is still incredibly dishonest of him to blast Bush for the same strategies that he has adopted simply because it is politically advantageous to do so. This further proves that our new President is nothing more than another two-bit politician who is really good at reading a well-prepared speech from a teleprompter but has no genuine ideas of his own and has yet to discover within himself the character that is required to lead a nation.



"A two-bit slick politician", and the only real "Change" for your quarter is the outrageous Tax & Spend, grabbing control of banks and private corporations, and the constant drumbeat of "inherited mess".

Good Grief!

B.O. still thinks he's on the campaign trail with his daily speeches, unlimited money flowing from O.S.I., the S.E.I.U., U.A.W. & Move-On, plus Media Matters blood-suckers!

Even the saddest old Democrat is beginning to see it's now nearing the end of that trail, and Secular-Progressivism has replaced the old slogans with A
"New Direction". Now, it's The A.C.O.R.N. Super-Fraud!!! What's next?

Who writes that stuff for Obama?


Ron Russell said...

Obama's policies are nothing like Bush's. There may seem to be some simularities, but the great difference is that Obama at times is forced to accept the realities facing him, realities he doesn't like and doen't understand. Simply he is adrift on a sea of circumstance without a rudder.


Eli Pariser, MoveOnDotOrg's CEO, in a Dec 2004 eMail, said it with a calm and bold assurance: "We bought it, we own it, it's ours!"
The Democratic Party Is No More.

Like it or not, the people must honestly come to realize that this requires a brand new label...

The 'New Progressive Party' represents the fundumental CHANGE!