Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party...disgrace

A few words about the Tea Party protests:

Police department estimates nationwide put the number of protesters on April 15 at 300,000+; participating in over 700 rallies across the country. Impressive.

For those readers who lean to the Left of the political spectrum, I challenge you to leave a comment explaining what YOU think these people were protesting. Because the commentary I’ve heard so far – aside from the fair and balanced reporting on Fox News – has missed the mark completely.

I am ashamed of America’s journalists. I am now way passed the point of thinking most journalists are biased towards the Left. Now, I am convinced they are nothing more than propagandists. They act as PR for the liberal agenda, parroting whatever talking point du jour they are fed by the Left and pretending to believe it in order to coerce common Americans to do the same. It is pathetic. Aside from a few newspapers, and Fox News, today’s journalists have sold out. Beware of anything you read or see on TV. Chances are it is a lie being fed to you in order to sell the rotten bag of goods that is Marxism.

I watched a bit of the coverage on the other networks. I’m not sure where to begin. The protestors were called racist, with the suggestion that the reason behind their protests was nothing more than to oppose a black man in the White House. Someone on MSNBC’s Olbermann show said these people suffered from Stockholm Syndrome and were nothing more than “teabagging rednecks”. Nancy Pelosi flat-out dismissed the protests, calling it an “Astroturf” movement conjured up by the petit bourgeous of evil capitalism. Paul Begala said it was disgraceful, and that the protestors “did not love America”.

Eugene Robinson wrote that the protestors were expressing discontent over paying taxes. Wrong!

Geraldo says it was good TV but nothing more. And who hasn’t seen the tape of the CNN correspondent confronting one of the protestors with her paternalistic air of superiority, not even giving the guy a chance to explain why he was there? She wasn’t interested in “reporting” on the protests. She had an agenda. She went from being confrontational, to marketing Obama’s tax plan, to downright dismissive. She even went so far as to say that the protest was “anti-CNN” and was no place for families. Remember, these are the same people who praised the Obama campaign for getting more people involved in the political process. Apparently, such a thing isn’t praiseworthy unless it means more votes for the Left.

And then there were the sex jokes. Anderson Cooper said that it is “hard to speak when you are teabagging”. And this was only one of many juvenile remarks, spoken on the air with subtle pornographic references. Yet, Begala says the PROTESTORS were disgraceful? Worst of all, Obama didn’t even acknowledge the protests. Robert Gibbs offered no comment other than to say that he wasn’t sure if the President was aware of the protests. Not even aware? There were 600+ people outside the White House and Obama wasn’t even aware there were protests going on? I thought this man was going to be “our President too”. I guess our opinions don’t matter to him. Can you imagine the outcry had Bush ever said such a thing about the war protestors?

The point is the Left believes that dissent is patriotic, but only if that dissent fits their agenda. They will not tolerate anything else. Any dissent that opposes their agenda is disgraceful and un-American. The Left preaches tolerance and like characterizing themselves as the party of tolerance. Yet, disagree with their opinions or policies and you’re labeled a “teabagging redneck”. Yeah, sounds like they’re tolerant of others. If Code Pink gathers outside a military recruiting station, the Left swoons with admiration and praise for their patriotic display. But paint a sign that says “get your hands out of my piggy bank” and you’re mocked, chastised, and dismissed with subtle pornographic name-calling. It’s our patriotic duty to protest a conservative administration, but people should NOT be allowed to protest a Liberal Congress and a Liberal president – that would be disgraceful and un-American. Kool-aid anyone?

When 300,000 Americans rally nationwide to protest something, I think it would be prudent to at least understand their grievances BEFORE calling them teabagging rednecks. At least have a mental grasp of the situation prior to your verbal attacks, otherwise you’re nothing more than an insignificant, incoherent, childish voice doing a disservice to any and everything you believe. So far, not one Liberal journalist has been able to do that…NOT ONE! I haven’t heard a single democrat politician or Lefty journalist give any explanation of the protests that comes anywhere near reality. Clueless! They either don’t get it, don’t want to get it, or don’t care. Even though I disagreed with the war protestors, at least I understood what they were protesting. The same can’t be said for the Left. They’re more focused on silencing us than hearing us out, just read the latest Napolitano security report for evidence of this.

So, I invite anyone reading this to give their explanation. I won’t explain the protests to you because I think Americans should at least try to understand each other. Now’s your chance to show that you’re above the politics-as-usual crowd in Washington.

Comments are welcome.


Anonymous said...


I wish you had explained it as you usually do a good job. The website I visited was not very focused. I usual like, "Here is what we are for" or "Here is what we are against."


John Washburn said...

Loop, of course I will eventually explain because it is something worth repeating as often as possible. I'm just hoping to hear what others think the protests are about because so far the analysis from the media has been completely off-target. Just the usual straw men that they have become so talented at constructing


Dr John,

The Soros "Shadow Party" is firmly in control of the MSM, the demonizing of Bush/Cheney was a complete success, and this "Tea-Party" is only a faint murmur of protest, at this point in time.

Sadly, 'Spend and Elect', with great organization of La Raza & Acorn, will be the key in 2010.

Will the majority see through the vast money-machines & ballyhoo in time? I rather doubt it. reb

Anonymous said...

Typical Democratic Spin:

Gov Napolitano: "Returning Vets are all vulnerable to radical Right-Wing Extremists!"

Greybeard: "Are they all immune to Far-out Left-Wing Extremists?"


Jeanine Garafalo: "That Narional "Tea-Party" was just a bunch of radical Right-Wing Racists; they don't like the idea of a black man in the White House!"

Greybeard: "Is that another goofy Hollywood notion, Jeanine ?" - gba -

Auntyem said...


Oh, my God!! I had to ask my husband what is meant by "teabagging" in a sexually explicit sense. He didn't know, and he is a former Marine! I guess he and I are so old and out of it; so I googled it---oh, my God! I felt like I did when I was a kid and found out how babies are really made. Eeew!! My husband and I are decent folks, raised by decent folks; we know nothing of such perversions.

Now, about my opinion of the T. E. A. Parties. (My husband has forbidden me to refer to them as "teabagging"). He was so disgusted). As far as I know, T. E. A. stands for Taxed Enough Already. However, I think those who fell for Fox' promotion of them (yes, Hannity, Beck, Cavuto actually promoted and hosted some of them, and a reluctant Van Susteren reported on one live) really don't know what or whom they are protesting. They seemed so partisan.

Maybe it is the economy, the loss of a job. My neighbor has a daughter in one of the ritziest parts of Silicon Valley where I came from whose husband recently lost his job (he was a stockbroker) and he can't find another and they are about to lose their house. I thought their house was paid for. Why do people always have to try to keep up with the Jones' and live on the edge? So many protesters might have been protesting their own foolishness, and demonstrating their anger over their having to come off their high horse.

I don't think any of those out there protesting make more than $250,000, and many have parents or grandparents on entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. Also, I think regular working people are starting to see a reduction in withholding taxes that will net some of them several hundreds of dollars over a year's time. Why should just those inheriting millions get to not pay taxes or have their taxes reduced?

So, they were protesting the taxes the rich have to pay? I hope they were protesting big business and the government agencies that seem in collusion to take advantage of the little guy. Mexico is like that---an oligarchy where the rich own the government and there is no middle class. Now you have one of their drug lords listed on Forbes as a billionaire!! They have been legitimized by our own oligarchy!

I don't think the tea-partiers (lets never use the word teabag again) were protesting a black president (only the Aryan Nations blatantly do that). There were a few with racist signs, and they were warned on the T.E.A. site that such signs and speeches would not be welcome, but a few chose to vent their racism, just scapegoating. Obama's color is an accident of birth and should not be held against him.

All in all the protesters were well-behaved---it seems like most Americans are decent; I remember the fears of riots at Obama's inauguration were unfounded. That crowd was so much larger and so much more diverse than any of the T. E. A. gatherings, and they behaved. I had to look hard for a minority person in those T. E. A.. parties. Why do people always have to divide themselves as to class and color?

I don't understand the reference to Stockholm Syndrome in relation to the protesters. What do you think they meant?

I don't think Fox News is fair and balanced, except for O'Reilly. I can't abide Beck and Hannity. O'Reilly reminds us that they are not REPORTING the news, they are COMMENTING on the news--they are commentators, but to me they are too radical as are a couple on the MSNBC channel---so sarcastic and snarky. CNN seems in the middle.

You know, Olbermann used to date Laura Ingraham, and I bet dollars to donuts Olbermann and O'Reilly have secret meetings to plan their attacks on each other to keep up the ratings. They both have a lot to gain by their vitriolic commentary so we will watch. All three are highly educated at Eastern ivy league schools and I bet they feel superior to "rednecks" and other people they would never associate with. They probably laugh all the way to the bank. "What depression?", they must ask themselves.

So, in closing, I feel people were just commiserating about their fears brought about by this economic downturn. They are mad as hell and aren't going to take IT anymore (whatever IT is). When the economy turns around they will go back to their same old complacency, but hopefully much wiser.

Oh, I am worried about a young fellow on this island that is displaying that yellow Gadsden flag, and I will add a comment to your previous post about it. It isn't just our military that is "radicalizing" our returning soldiers (which is hogwash), it is the state of our youth in general.

Thanks for allowing me to comment,

Port Orchard, WA

Auntyem said...


Here's a good article about what the Tea parties were prostesting:

Port Orchard, WA

John Washburn said...


The Stockholm Syndrome reference was a slander against the minorities - specifically the blacks - that attended the protests. And, yes, there were many minorities present. They can't call them racist so they simply found another way to slander them, suggesting they had been somehow brainwashed.

I appreciate that you want to understand the reason behind the protest. And I must say that your assessment was close but not quite right. And the link that you referenced is typical of what I've read, just more evidence that many people out there don't get it.

In the next few days I will post on WHY the protests were staged. I think my readers, both Left and Right, will be surprised at how much they agree with them.

Calling them Taxed Enough Already gets close to the issue but it goes much deeper, and after you read what I post I think you will be tempted to join the next Tea Party that's held in your area.

Auntyem said...

Well, I might not attend any demonstrations (I don't like crowds) but I will continue to e-mail and write to my congress people like I always do. I think it is more effective to fill the congress people's mailboxes with e-mails and letters. It worked here many times with our state legislature. Demonstrations can often be usurped by the crazies and turn violent, etc. and can be ignored by congress people. Everyone should try and communicate DIRECTLY with the government.

When our local congress people got all our e-mails, etc. they took action to satisfy us, their constituents. We were a small, but very vocal group, articulate, and we kept up the pressure for months. It worked. Power to the people!

One reason the bail-outs were almost blocked in the US Congress was because people e-mailed their Senators and Congressmen. More people should have commumicated directly in that manner, putting pressure that can't be ignored like demonstrations can. When each constituent makes their wishes known, Congress knows it isn't just partisan, or a staged event, etc. That is one reason to get better schools, get kids to stay in school, so they can articulately express themselves where and when it does the most good.

Port Orchard, WA


"Everyone should try and communicate directly with the government."

Now, there's a great idea, If you like Junk Mail, are collecting a stack of "form letters" from congressmen, and want your name placed on the 'Donate-Here List'!

If that's not it, Please recycle the paper.

Reminds me of Willie Nelson's lyrics, "Crazy, for feelin' so lonely, I'm Crazy...for feelin'... So blue" reb

It's Midnight, April 20th, 2009 (Eastern)

Nameless Cynic said...

Well, since taxes are lower for everybody but the rich, I figured that couldn't be what they were complaining about.

If the problem is just taxes in general, where were they last year? I didn't see any organized protests of taxes in April 2008. What's changed since then? (Oh, yeah, I remember: the election of a president that Fox News doesn't like.)

They were protesting government spending? And none of them were smart enough to notice that Bush had been spending trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and just never put them into the budget (as of Tax Day 2008, that was $3 trillion, borrowed from other countries primarily).

So, those couldn't have been what people were all cranky about, could they?

What else was there? There were a lot of protesters with anti-abortion signs, but they were probably just along for the ride. (After all, with Fox promoting it, this was probably one of the few protests they'd heard about in time to attend.)

So, with very little else to establish the reasoning here, a lot of people took note of the strong strain of racism floating through the crowds.