Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My fellow conservatives...

To all my fellow conservatives and WEP faithful, let’s not hang our heads low. There is hope here. Yes, it’s possible that America just elected a Marxist for President and gave him a very Liberal congress to govern with, but it’s also possible that the Marxist won’t venture too far from the center. And it’s also possible that he may not be a Marxist after all. That would be nice.

Don’t listen to the pundits who say conservatism is dead in this country. That’s bull. Yesterday’s exit polls showed that 44% of this country identify themselves as moderates, 38% as conservative and only 22% as liberal. Those are good numbers for us and it tells me that much of Obama’s support were protest votes against a morally bankrupt Republican party. Good riddance! Plus, Obama had to paint himself as a centrist in order to win. He had to run as a moderate or he never would have won. That’s encouraging. This is still a center right country even though it will be governed by the far Left for at least the next 2 years. Perhaps this is exactly what conservatives needed, a complete dismantling of the modern day Republican party, allowing it to be rebuilt into something that would make Reagan proud. We’ll see if someone emerges as a new leader, prepared to build a party that will truly represent conservative political ideals.

And don’t listen when the Left pressures you to be more bipartisan. That’s just code-speak for “betray your principles”. They have no intention of being bipartisan, but they will certainly expect us to be. Hold your conservative ideals close and don’t let go of them. They will attempt to isolate us as fringe in their push to Europeanize this country. They will call us names like “divisive” and “antagonistic” and the media will be more than willing to peddle their rhetoric. Again, this is their way of separating us from what we believe. Don’t let them do it. We are the only hope this country has. If we go down, America is lost.

Pray for the military. For those who remember serving under Clinton, you will remember times of very low morale. Those were difficult days for our men and women in uniform and let us all pray that those days don’t return. Pray that President Obama will not misuse the military as Clinton did and pray that God keeps our troops in high spirits. Fighting is hard enough, fighting while serving under a Commander in Chief you don’t believe in is even harder. I will remember our troops in my prayers and I ask that you do the same.

Don’t listen when they say that Reaganomics is a failure. The statistics don’t lie. Recessions come and go and there will always be short periods of economic slowdown, but the big picture is clear. Supply side economics has produced incredible economic growth for this country top to bottom and turning our backs on it would be a disastrous mistake. Obama may attempt to reverse these policies. If he does, he will fail. That would be a shame, but at least it would vindicate Reagan’s economic ideals and pave the way for re-implementing his policies. Let’s hope we don’t have to say “told you so”.

Don’t listen when they say the UN is good for us. The UN is a third world organization whose primary goal is equalization of global military and economic power, which starts by weakening the US. The UN is corrupt and completely inept. Anything they say or do must be greeted with a great deal of skepticism, and our President should keep that in mind as well.

Don’t listen when they say that terrorism should be treated like nothing more than a natural disaster. We all know better than that. We still have a big fight on our hands and a change in leadership is coming. What that means for our fight has yet to be determined, but whatever happens we must never lose sight of the fact that we have been drawn into war by an enemy that seeks our complete and utter destruction.

As for the Republicans, let’s kick them to the curb once and for all. They betrayed us like never before and it began when Gingrich’s Congress left office. Gingrich’s exit was the beginning of the end of the Reagan revolution and yesterday was the death blow. It’s time to revive that cause. The dark days of Delay, Hastert, Frist and Lott are over. Let us now start working on rebuilding the conservative movement with leaders who won’t betray us, and let’s use the ’06 and ’08 elections as reminders of what happens to those who forget where they came from. It may not seem like it now, but this election may be a blessing in disguise. Remember, we had to endure 4 years of Carter to get Reagan. Perhaps 4 years of Obama will bring us the next great conservative leader.

As for Obama, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. We owe that to the country we dearly love. Let’s not behave like the Left did when Bush won office, plotting resistance to anything he plans to do. Instead, let’s give him an opportunity to turn away from the extremist Left that molded him and his career, and remain in the center as he promised. Should he veer, we will most definitely call him on it, but he deserves a chance. It would be unpatriotic not to grant him at least that. Let’s give the guy a chance to prove himself. He didn’t win our vote, perhaps he can win our respect by the way he governs. There is a chance that he won’t govern from the far Left. He is an incredibly ambitious man and re-election will be his priority. If he governs from the far Left his chances in ’12 will be slim. His ambition may work in our favor. It’s also possible that we were wrong in our assertion that he is a Marxist. His record is thin and therefore can be deceptive. Maybe he is a centrist after all. Perhaps he will surround himself with economic advisors that tell him not to raise taxes during a recession. Perhaps he will listen to his military advisors who tell him not to set a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq.

Maybe Biden was wrong when he suggested that Obama’s leadership would invite attacks from our enemies. Maybe Hillary was wrong when she criticized his inexperience. Maybe BJ was wrong when he said Obama came to him looking for the “right answers” so he could sell it to the country.

Maybe his cap and trade policy will get filibustered and we won’t face skyrocketing electricity bills. Maybe the same thing will happen to the fairness doctrine and the union card checks. Maybe one of the strict constructionist Supreme Court justices won’t leave office during his term. As McCain says, nothing is inevitable here.

It is my fear that if Obama implements the economic plans that he has proposed it will be disastrous. I hope I’m wrong. He has a large burden to carry. He is the first black President and for that reason alone I hope he is successful. I don’t want to see this man fail, which is why I urge him to stay in the center and not give in to Leftist ideology. I will be praying for him and so should you.

I am willing to give him a chance and I will be watching him like a hawk. I hope he doesn’t veer from his campaign rhetoric, but if he does I will be the first to call him on it. Accountability is what we need most in Washington and WEP will be watching. We can’t tolerate extremism and Leftist ideology. No country has survived that kind of government and America will be no different. Therefore, we must hold strong.

So start compiling an email list of all your representatives and senators and be prepared to write them. The minute our government tries to take this country to the far Left we will have to dig in our heels. We may go down, but by God we will go down swinging.

Yesterday, a dear friend texted me as the first votes started rolling in. It said “Gingrich-Jindal 2012”. Now that has promise. My fellow conservatives, let’s seize the opportunity. May we all pray that Obama succeeds, but prepare for his failure. 2012 is only four years away and it can be the year the Reagan legacy was reborn.

God bless you all. God bless our next President. And God bless our beloved country.


allison said...

"Pray that President Obama will not misuse the military as Clinton did and pray that God keeps our troops in high spirits."

Oh man, don't even get me started on this. Misusing the military? Does the name GEORGE W. BUSH ring a bell...??

John Washburn said...

I was referring to Clinton placing US troops under UN command, sending them to do peacekeeping and police missions with overly restrictive rules of engagement. Examples include Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti, Kosovo.

I have long said that the US military serves two purposes: kill people and destroy things. Unless you intend to do those two things then you should not send in US troops.

That's the point I was making. In that regard, Bush did not misuse them and Clinton did.

Isn't it about time you follow your candidate's advice and stop the partisan bickering? If you guys expect us conservatives to do so then maybe you should lead by example

allison said...

There are then many types of "misusing," and I would call unneccesarily placing troops in harms way one of them. Which I, of course, believe our current President is guilty of.

I was not bickering, only responding. And it's not a partisan issue, it's a moral issue.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Allison. If you send men to die you'd better be sure they're dying in defense of something. One war has been a total failure, while the other has been totally unnecessary, and, very arguably, in the interests of those running the current government. That is misuse of the military in the strictest sense.

That being said, I'm no fan of Obama. I skimmed your post with the intent of reading it later. One thing which caught my eye was not giving in to bipartisanship, and in this you are absolutely correct. The conflict between the right and the left prevents one-party rule. If Republicans and Democrats ever work together, all opposition to coercive law will be gone. The thing that worries me now isn't the fact that it's a Democrat in power, so much as that one party is in power without significant opposition.

Rudy said...

Do you truly believe that evil has prospered?

Will the Democratic president, and congress turn our nation Socialist?

Were these legitimate warnings, or just campaign scare tactics?

Do you really believe that our nation is doomed?

Kristina said...

I agree with the troop morale issue. I was in the Navy when Clinton was in office. It was not a happy time for the military. My husband has served consistently for the last 17 years. Together, we've experienced three presidents, although only 2 really had an impact because Pres. Bush I was already on his way out when Gary joined the Navy. It seems to me that most people don't realize how much better troop morale has been in the last 8 years than the prior 8. I knew both liberals and conservatives who hated serving under Clinton, and never heard anything good about him. I have heard very little bad about Bush from active duty military and reserves. I hope that as President, Senator Obama will not do anything to damage that morale.


The greatest misuse of military power was under Johnson/McNamara's 10-year 'no-win' war in Vietnam, with 58,000 dead troopers, Allison,
with four times that in wounded!

YOUR "Failed Bush Policy In Iraq" is a ringing bell, all right. An Ivan Pavlov ringing bell, rung by MoveOnDotOrg, DailyKos and 'Code Pink', and your jabbertalkie never
stops repeating the mantras. (Ask your college professors to explain an "Involuntary Response To An Audible Signal"...Bush, Bush, Bush!

You're a walking, breathing & endless-talking "Conditioned Reflex"...Snap! Wake Up! One, two, & three.

You are NOT a unique case, and you're certainly not stupid.

You need some De-Programming, girl.
Ask Dr John to help you...if you trust him, eMail him. I can't; too old, too tired, too impatient. reb

allison said...

It is a reflex only because I have never been so upset and disagreed so much with something in my life--I became politically involved because of the War in Iraq, and you, amongst others, continue to brush it off as if those of us still concerned about the lives being lost need to "get over it." Sorry, not happening. I am finally content that Bush is no longer in office and hoping to see some amazing new steps being taken.

Anonymous said...


Please get me an address where I can start making donations to the Gingrich-Jindal campaign please.


John Washburn said...

Rudy, I think that’s something like 0 for 8 on comments that you’ve left here that make sense. I never claimed Obama to be evil. But I do believe that evil prospers every single day. I think it’s a daily battle, some lost and some won. The title of my blog is a way of explaining that I for one will not allow bad people to do bad things without speaking up about it. Will the Dems take us to socialism? I say maybe. If they implement some of the policies they talk about, I don’t know what else to call it. No, that was not just campaign scare tactics. I have no allegiance to any political party. And yes, I do believe that socialism is evil, mainly because it is not conducive to liberty. The two can’t coexist, and as Jefferson said liberty is a God given right for every human being. Taking away liberty – as would happen with socialism – is evil. We’ll see what Obama and the Dems do. Should they assault our liberty I will most definitely fight them, but as I said I am willing to give them a chance, unlike the Left did with Bush.

John Washburn said...

Robert, as soon as I hear of anything I will post it. Of course, no one is talking about any 2012 intentions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Gingrich ended up doing it, especially if Obama is struggling which he most certainly will be should he enact his economic proposals. Gingrich was VERY frustrated with the GOP, and has been since he left office. I listen to him regularly and you can hear it in his voice. He left them in a very good situation – balanced budget, low taxes, welfare reform, strong military – and they squandered it. The GOP is in dire need of a coup and Gingrich may be the one to lead it. He’s done it before and something tells me he’s itching to get back in and clean things up.

As for Jindal, this guy has some amazing charisma and the folks in Louisiana love him. He’s like a male Palin, except he had to deal with a much bigger mess than she did, and he’s excelled at it. Louisiana politics can be dirty, and if anything can prep you for Washington it would be the Baton Rouge Governor’s office. I heard last night he’s going to Iowa to give a “speech”. That’s interesting, he says it’s to help out some of his GOP friends. Something tells me he will be on the ticket in ’12 or ’16, again depending on Obama’s situation in four years. If it’s anything like Carter (which I think it will be), then 2012 looks promising for conservatives.

But I see a lot of potential in other conservatives, like Pawlenty and Huckabee. I predict a major uprising and the old guard is about to be kicked aside for those who will reinstate traditional conservatism to the GOP. Guys like Boehner and Shelby; Hagel, Brownback and others who are more than willing to sell out need to go.

Look for Huckabee to run for Ark Senate in 2010. Elway (yes, THAT Elway) may run in Colorado. Arnold may seek Senate in California, not great but better than Boxer. They’re pressuring Steele to run again in Maryland, and Lynn Swann may give it another go at PA governor. And there’s talk of Guiliani going after Schumer’s seat. The days of the old white guy’s party are over. The Conservative Revolution of 2008 begins today. Game on!

Auntyem said...


I don't think Americans were looking to elect a Marxist, nor that Obama is one.

You said that 44 % are moderates, 38 % conservative, and only 22 % liberal, so I don't know why you say this is a center-right country. That number of liberals make it center-left to me, but not Marxist.

Also why do Republicans claim to have a monopoly on conservatism? Moderates look at each issue and take conservative stances on some and not others. Take California: it went for Obama maybe because of the numbers of blacks and Hispanics there that voted for him. Yet that proposition they had to ban gay marriage passed, since most blacks and Hispanics are conservative about gay issues.

More Hispanics also were enraged at the extreme right wing vitriol against illegal aliens, taking it as an insult to their ethnicity in general. Also, the vitriol against Obama by such as Hannity and Limbaugh fell on deaf ears after a while and it backfired. Hannity never lost an opportunity to spin anything into a diatribe listing all of Obama's "questionable" associations. I would start rocking to the rythmn of it after a while, but unfortunately the repetition did not mesmerize me into voting against Obama as he had hoped. Those that did fall for it like Pavlov's dogs, were just too few to keep Obama from being elected. Talk radio just causes divisiveness.

If so many Republicans chose to nominate a mostly centrist like McCain, instead of someone from those that some consider true conservatives, who is left to form this new Conservative party you mention? I guess there is just a small fringe left.

I think the country is changing demographically. Minorities are taking more action in the political arena; they have come a long way, but I don't think there is a need to fear Obama. He can't do worse than the current Pres. who got selected for the job because he is a scion of the Bush dynasty. Bush has an MBA, the first president ever to have one, and it didn' help his economic policies.

I wouldn't sell Obama short. He has studied Reaganomics and knows it had its faults. According to Weidenbaum, it had "...a number of paradoxes and contadictions in its results; lower inflation and higher budget deficits, lower tax rates and higher levels of government spending (especially for the military); less unemployment and bigger trade deficits; a brief but extremely deep recession followed by the nation's longest peace-time recovery".

President Eisenhower warned about the military-industrial complex and the problems it would bring. We can develop our own power sources with less pollution, and citizens could form volunteer corps to fight crime in our cities, etc.

You covered a lot in your post, but there is no need to sound the alarm of doom. I have faith in Americans. Give Obama a chance. Sure, some of his plans might be pie-in-the-sky, but his intentions are good for ordinary people. We don't need millionaire CEOs spending so much on bacchanalian style birthday parties in Paris or Rome. Why do they always want to emulate the Europeans of old? Even they don't live that way anymore. I see the CEOs idolizing of things European as very unpatriotic.

I'm glad you said that we should pray for Obama, and the United States. I see on some blogs that they are taking bets on when Obama will be assassinated. It would make some racists, etc. happy, but it would damage the image of us in the world further and cause untold disturbances here.

Port Orchard, WA


Allison, go back and read the Iraqi history for the last 30 years. Read About Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, and his plan to grab the Saudi Oil Reserves, and about his brute treatment of his own people, and why they Risked Death to Vote!

We needed to occupy Iraq, to stop the defenseless Kurd, Sunni & Shia MASS GENOCIDE IN IRAQ...BY IRANIAN CRAZIES.

Blaming Bush Is An Absurdity!

You have NO Foreign Affairs, ZERO
Military Saavy, all you do it chatter endlessly about BUSH!

Get Over It Young Lady, Dubya is History, and you are an Arm-Chair Expert, without any knowledge, discussing Life & Death Issues!

Now, we shall see how easy it will be for Obama...In Afganistan. What an unfunny joke! Another Know-It-All with zero experience, telling Four Star Generals...When & Where To Deploy Their Troops!

IRAN ENRICHES U-235 to wipe six million Israeli off the map. Discuss that for Two Paragraphs!

Allison doesn't have a clue, so she rings her little 'dubya' bell at every opportunity. reb

John Washburn said...

Emilie, in my opinion minorities voted for Obama because he promised government giveaways. He promised them money. Minorities make up a larger percentage of the low-income population so the idea of a rebate check sounds tempting to them. Unfortunately, they will find out that a $1000 rebate check doesn't go far if you're unemployed.

McCain was the one who championed a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. If that isn't enough to get the hispanic vote then I don't know what is, except maybe promising to give them all money. And since when it is "vitriol" for us to demand our federal immigration laws be enforced? Conservatives embrace immigration, we are all for it, but we expect law and order as well.

As I said, I hope he succeeds as President. It would be a shame for the first black President to be a miserable failure which is why I hope he doesn't do the things he promises to do. His plans WILL amount to economic disaster and hopefully he'll be open-minded enough to realize this and pull back from some of his more Marxist ideas.


Allison, Obama Promises To Really Go After Osama bin Laden...kill him! Are you aware of this?

Redeploy Our Troops to Afganistan,
Yeah, that's the ticket. Wheeeee!
"Amazing new steps"? What steps?

That's a much tougher terrain; the Taliban are a tougher enemy to defeat there. Do you realize that, lady? Well, not exactly, huh?

I repeat, you are a silly-sounding "hate dubya, conditioned
reflex" and it's really not your fault. It's NOT your fault!

You should find another outlet for your frustrations. When Obama fails to deliver Osama's Head, you might easily start another hate routine! That would be bad.

It's unhealthy for a young girl. Have you tried Yoga, or Zen? reb


2012? You cannot be serious! We start now...

See "Obama's First Act" two days after whipping McCain. reb