Friday, July 25, 2008

I Am Legend

Okay, I am now officially creeped out by this Obama-mania that seems to have a kung-fu grip on so many people across the country and now, apparently, across the globe. I don't get it. This guy has zero executive experience and has only been in politics a few years, yet he can stand and deliver a speech full of corny cliches and idealistic imagery - while virtually absent of ideas - and suddenly he is the savior of the world and has everyone blindly chanting "yes we can". Huh? Have the Europeans really become that easy to impress? Well, I guess this isn't the first time.

I read the transcript from Obama's speech. I didn't watch the speech, mainly out of fear of coming under the Obamatron spell, I swear this guy has some sort of Gorgonian quality. Instead of turning to stone, those who look too long become blathering fools incapable of independent or analytical thought, with big sparkly smiles, brown noses and a tendency to laugh at anything the Senator says that may be remotely considered a joke regardless of humor level. His media posse of Stepford Wives have turned from "yes" men to "yes we can" men. The toughest question this guy has faced was whether he preferred to work out with machines or free weights. Even Frank Luntz, usually objective and cynical, seemed to have fallen into an Obamian trance last night on Hannity & Colmes. Et tu, Franky? We're dropping like flies. I'm beginning to feel like Robert Neville trying to find a cure for this plague while fearing every night that I will be eaten by my fellow humans-turned-night-seekers who have fallen victim to the disease. I am not legend, I am just a guy who would like the Senator to answer a few tough questions regarding what he plans to do should he become President.

But seriously, I read the transcript from the speech and I am not impressed. This wasn't Reagan, or even Kennedy. It was a pretentious display of bold self-indulgence and glorification that has me wondering what Obama is doing. Is he running for US President, or Emperor of the Galaxy? Should we expect a campaign tour of Mars soon? He no doubt has the money for it. Arrogant and elitist? No, this guy has transcended those terms. My great grandmother would say that he has "gotten too big for his britches". Maybe that's a better description. I wonder if Grandma would ever chant "yes we can".

Since I have been able to resist the tractor-beam of Obamacharm, I have my own critique of Obamapalooza 2008, and my own questions that I can only hope will one day be asked of his Highness. First, how does being popular with Europeans translate in America? The way I see it, there is a vast culture gap between mainstream Americans and mainstream Europeans. Our values differ a great deal. In short, we just don't have much in common anymore. Europe has become a wasteland of secularism, socialism and moral relativism. So when 200,000 Germans gleefully chant your name in support, how will that be received in America? When Reagan went to Germany, he was protested. In fact, the Europeans didn't like him all that much. But the LOVE Obama. In my mind, that's a negative and it only reinforces my opinion of his Highness. Being loved by the Europeans isn't something to brag about, and it isn't easy. You basically have to prove that you're similar to them in so many ways. Obama's socialist agenda complete with universal health care, carbon offsets, internationalist foreign policy and appeasement in the war on terror plays well with the Europeans. In their eyes, he's not American at all. I didn't see any protests. Just how important is it to Obama that he is liked by the world? To me, it seems very important...not a quality that I look for in a President. People in Californistan may approve, but I wonder how this will play on Main Street, USA. Just smile and say "yes we can".

Is it reasonable to expect the American tax payer to foot the bill for a portion of Obamapalooza? The first few days was labeled a Senate "fact finding" mission. This way, Obama was able to travel for free with a clear conscience. His campaign insists the trip had nothing to do with his presidential campaign. I'm not convinced and surely I'm not the only one. The Obama campaign should have funded the entire trip. Don't worry Mr Taxpayer, just nod and say "yes we can".

Did al-Maliki truly endorse your 16 month pullout plan? That's not what I heard. Al-Maliki said he supports the eventual withdrawal of all US troops and feels a plan should be in place for such a withdrawal when the proper time comes. Congrats to the Prime Minister, who is now part of a unanimous opinion, thank you for stating the obvious. We all want US troops to leave Iraq eventually. Now, if you speak Obamese then that apparently translates into an all-out endorsement of Obama's pullout plan. To which, Al-Maliki responded: "That's not what I said". Not that it matters, let's not quibble with details. The Stepford Wives lapped it up and formatted Maliki's words into a complete endorsement and no one has called them on it. In fact, if you believe Obama's posse then you probably think that al-Maliki bowed to Obama and asked his Highness to bestow his blessing upon Iraq and its people while bobbing his head uncontrollably and chanting "yes we can". But that's just rumor.

Why did you bother meeting with General Petraeus? This had nothing to do with fact-finding. Obama declared before the trip that he would pull US troops out of Iraq in 16 months. He made his Imperial decree before meeting with the General, before stepping foot in Iraq, basically before he knew what he was talking about. That was a mistake. At least he could have been more patronizing and announce his plan after meeting with Petraeus, but the Obamatrons didn't seem to mind. Again, independent thought isn't a trait of theirs. The General has long argued against unconditional timetables but, then again, he has yet to fall under the Obamacharm spell. Perhaps that's why Obama met with him. Alas, it was to no avail. The General still opposes unconditional timetables and thus Obama had to change his rhetoric. Before, he was pulling us out because the surge had failed. Now, he's pulling us out because the surge has worked so well that the Iraqis no longer need us. In Obama's eyes you can call it what you want, so long as he gets his 16 month unconditional retreat and keeps his far-Left river of money flowing. And in the process, he got some really cool photo-ops with the troops. Never mind, just nod your head and say "yes we can".

Why didn't you bother meeting with the injured troops in Germany? The Pentagon says they reminded Obama that any such meeting must be in private, thereby keeping the campaign off the base. Basically, Obama was told that he could have a few senate staffers with him and that's it. No press, no parade, no hoopla. To that the Senator said, "No thanks". Sure, he tried to paint it as the Pentagon's idea, but these rules have been in place for a long time and are applied equally to both parties. It seems, at least on the surface, that Obama isn't interested in meeting with our armed forces unless there is a camera close by to show the world how much he cares. At least that's how it seems. To those troops in Germany, just nod and say "yes we can".

And finally, Senator, please tell me what the difference is between the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan. You say we must win in Afghanistan but you're basically indifferent on Iraq. Why the two positions? In both places, we're fighting extremists who want to rule a country with the iron fist of tyranny, who live for the destruction of the West and anyone who disagrees with their way of thinking all while actively seeking the most horrifying weapons known to man. Did I miss something? Is there something going on in Afghanistan that isn't happening in Iraq? What is it that makes one crucial and the other an afterthought? I guess the people in Iraq should just nod and say "yes we can".

Something tells me I'll be waiting a long time before I get an answer from the Dems Manchurian Candidate other than the obligatory "yes we can". But I'll wait. Meanwhile, I'm gonna try to isolate the antibodies in General Petraeus bloodstream since he seems to be immune to the global Obamitis pandemic that has engulfed our world. Perhaps I am legend after all.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've listened to a speech of his. He says nothing. It's actually fascinating how long he can talk and say absolutely nothing. It's scary that people are willing to worship this guy when he has virtually no ideas whatsoever. Nor a platform. Very very weird.

Anonymous said...

John and robert m.

The effect about which you are wondering, John, is called "charisma." Americans, and our friends in Europe (Don't be too hard on them John. Europe has its issues certainly but we have many friends there and many of them are very much like us.)

But the analysis of the phenonmenon you describe as "Obamamania" is simple to explain.

It is merely another manisfestation of the pendulum effect. For the past eight years our country has been led by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

Whatever one's thoughts about the office of VP, Dick Cheney, particularly of late, has been the invisible man. Although he was never a particularly charasmatic figure, his complete lack of public persona had left the American people and our friends abroad, nothing to which we can relate.

Whatever one's feelings are about the Bush presidency, any dispassionate observer may only conclude that Mr. Bush is the "anti charisma." He is unable to cobble together a coherent paragraph off the cuff. Whereas I never enjoyed his Texas accent which I doubt was present when he graduated from Phillips Andover or Yale, it has ceased playing well in Peoria.

Visually, the President comes across as clumsy and awkward. Remeber him dancing in the Rose Garden waiting for Sen. McCain or rubbing Angelika Merkel's neck? Meanwhile, Sen. Obama hits nothing but net from beyond the 3 point line.) As well we know, the camera loves some and treats others cruelly and the President falls more toward the later than the former. Add to this how the office of POTUS accelerates the aging process and what we find is that on the charisma scale, Mr. Bush is on one end of the pendulum swing and Mr. Obama the other.

Now add to this two other factors: First, Mr. Bush's policies are not particularly popular and his achievements have a difficult time shining the their light from underneath the bushell of his failures. Plus the economy is struggling. Secondly, arrayed against Sen. Obama is Sen. McCain who is also not very telegenic.

I discuss this by way of analysis and not justification. If you wish to understand Obamania think of it in the context that Americans are starved for a leader w/ some charasma, having lived w/o one for the past eight years.



Allisoni Balloni said...

Have you ever been to Europe, John? Met people who want you to justify why you'd be proud to be an American? That is the reality that we are facing after the presidency of George W. Bush.

Having just spent a semester in Europe, I am pretty familiar with how important it is that our next president acknowledge and places value on the world that exists outside of the states. If we wish to remain a leader in the world, we can't expect to ignore what's going on outside of our borders and to have no regard for whether we have their support or not, and still maintain that status. Our country has made some decisions that have been judged very very harshly by European countries and their citizens in the past 8 years, and that certainly doesn't help us find or maintain allies. My perception from what I have seen personally is that Europeans care very much who we elect as our president, and that one man and his message can draw 200,000 supporters in a foreign country is pretty darn amazing to me.

Auntyem said...

John, you asked why the focus on Afghanistan---isn't that where the Taliban and Al Queda are headquartered, where the elusive Osama Bin Laden hides?

I think Obama is correct to say we should focus there and bring down the barbaric tribalism that is causing such chaos around the world.

Obama spoke about tribalism in the speech I heard him make in Germany, that we have to abandon tribalism and help each other. He stated that the US cannot win the battle against the terrorists alone.

It is a global problem that can be solved only if the Western nations and others around the world join in eliminating this most unsettling problem of our age.

The US has been involved in more wars than Europe and Russia since WWII and they have been draining of blood and money for us. We need a change in dealing with the threats. "Yes we can" to me means that we (with the help of our allies), can wipe out barbarism and stop the divide between rich and poor from widening.

We do need people like the French again. I was reading recently that without their help in the late 1700s there would be no US. Benjamin Franklin, in his 70s, ancient for his time, went to the French court and convinced them to engage their ships in our fight when we had no navy to speak of, they gave their lives, and lent us money.

Our new nation repaid them by resuming trade and relations with the Mother Country, and we know what happened to France afterwards. Sure, we repaid the favor when we saved their butts from the Nazis, but we need to improve relations with them and the whole European Union and other countries in the United Nations. We could use the help, so we need a more engaging leader to inspire them.

I wish McCain could be that man, and he should have been president these past 8 years. As McCain moves more toward the center, Obama will too, so I don't think it will make much difference who gets elected.

I think all the negatives heaped on Obama by people like Hannity have backfired on the GOP. Even O'Reilly said that 3 hours of unfair drivel on the conservative radio is destructive.

Obama is not a Muslim. The only Muslim in Congress is Congressman Ellison who did ask to borrow President Jefferson's copy of the Koran from the Library of Congress for a while. It was not used to take any oath by anybody.

Obama likes fine wines, beer, "can't give up them ribs (pork)" and Muslims don't drink liquor and they abhor pork. Obama was baptized a Christian even if it was by a charismatic nut who thinks Jesus was a black man, etc. Obama also has a Muslim half-brother in Africa who goes around saying his brother is a Muslim, but even his father was not a Muslim (he was an alcoholic and an atheist). It was the grandfather that was a Muslim.

Port Orchard, WA

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone can question the fundamentals of your arguments. Let's face it, you guys are right about people generally disliking Bush. My main concern, however, is the unreasoning support everyone would give someone just because he doesn't support Bush's policies. I dislike the president, of course. Most people do, and that's fair, given how bad he's done.

However, that doesn't stop me from seeing the truth about Obama: that he's a politician like all the rest who wants your money, and doesn't care how he gets it. Furthermore, he has no substance, and no platform, other than the usual liberal positions, which aren't all that new, or that exciting. Even on these positions, he has been vague about his personal feelings towards them.

No one really knows what the guy thinks, or espouses, yet they support him unwaveringly. I think people are right to be worried about that. It's the same phenomenon that led to Hitler's election.

To answer the obvious, do I suggest that Obama is like Hitler? Of course not. I really don't find Obama that dangerous. Annoying perhaps, and not the best presidential choice, but not dangerous. However, if the attitude that one should be president based on pretty speeches and rhetoric, exists among the populace, we have a problem.

John Washburn said...

Robert, we see this similarly. I am aghast at the lack of substance in Obama's campaign and even moreso by the response that he's had. Apparently, all it takes to be president is the ability to talk pretty.

AuntyEm, not sure where the Muslim stuff came from. I never said Obama was a Muslim nor do I believe that. In fact, IMHO, I don't think Obama believes in God at all. Such belief requires humility, something Obama seems to lack. And I'll again repeat my assertion that the war on terror does not begin nor end with Bin Laden or al Qaeda. We're fighting religious extremism and its terrorist organizations. Both Iraq and Afghanistan have plenty of this, so why is one important and the other an afterthought?

Allison, the respect of the Europeans is not high on my list of priorities. As I said, theirs is a culture of secularism, socialism and moral relativism. Not the kind of people I want to be friends with. And despite what you think, the Europeans have never really liked us to begin with...that is, until they need something. They're like the drifter beatnik brother-in-law who doesn't want to degrade himself to hang with you until he's broke and then he's your best friend. Yeah, we all know someone like that. Sure, it'd be nice to have them as allies. But it seems for them to like us, we'd have to destroy our economy, dismantle our military, disavow God and bow at the altar of the UN. Not gonna happen.

Loop, I agree Obama has charisma. He is flamboyant and energetic and gives a really great speech, but no one really knows what he's gonna do as president. That's kind of important in my book.

And there is one thing he doesn't have on Bush, and that's the ability to connect with the common folks. Let's be honest, many people base their votes on who seems more real, who they'd rather sit down and have a beer with. Bush or Gore? Bush or Kerry? You see where I'm going. Obama has a problem with this because there are A LOT of people who see him as I do: uppity, arrogant, elitist, high society and - dare I say - fake.

The guy surrounds himself with yes men, and dodges the hard questions in a way that would make BJ Clinton proud. He uses terms like "roll back tax cuts" instead of "increase your taxes". This doesn't fool people.

He promises a new kind of politics, yet refers to John McCain as "gramps", all while refusing to debate the guy.

His long-time friend and "spiritual" advisor seems to really hate America.

He mocks people's religious beliefs and gun culture, and refuses to salute the flag. This doesn't fly well with the folks who vote based on who they'd rather have a beer with.

So, Obama wows a bunch of Germans, while McCain eats Brats with the folks in an Ohio pub. Who's smarter there?

John Washburn said...

A few other points:

Loop, you describe Bush as clumsy and awkward, which is a fair description. You call it "anti-charisma". Also fair. But I would call it HUMAN, and so would many others. Again, I think a lot of people connect with Bush because he is more like your next door neighbor than some untouchable being on a pedestal.

When he mispronounces words, we relate to that. When he chokes on a pretzel, we relate to that. When he calls a reporter a "genuine asshole", we certainly relate to that. When he tells Cheney on 9-11 "we're going to find out who did this Dick, and we're going to kick their ass". We absolutely relate to that. I can't picture Al Gore saying this, or Obama for that matter.

Bush can tear up during a speech about the troops and we all believe it to be sincere, Clinton does it and we know he's full of it (in fact this is still the butt of many Clinton jokes).

Bush killed Gore and Kerry in this department. Say what you want about Bush, but it's hard to deny his ability to campaign. He may not be able to wow with a speech, but put him on the floor in a crowded room and he's hard to beat. Kerry and Gore had such a difficult time appearing like the average guy, something that Bush (and Reagan before him) excels at. Whether this is good or bad is up to you, and whether this is intentional or just the way he is we may never know. But it worked. I don't think Obama or McCain are very good at it, but McCain was smart in going to a German pub in Ohio as Obama gave his big speech in Germany. That's fresh out of Bush's play book.

Allison, not that we should ever have to "justify" our pride in country, but I have a suggestion. The next time someone asks you to justify your national pride, just tell them you're proud that every person on this planet who lives free does so because of America and her sacrifices.

Anonymous said...


Dr John Nails It!
Loopi-Balloni Simply Hate Bush.
robert m: Correct.

All of you missed B.O.'s Single
Important Quote in Berlin:


"I Am a Citizen of The World" !!!

That's Not Charisma, that's a clear Declaration of Intent; one
that Europe is eager to sample; that European Goofy's Do Understand. One Worldism, and a huge defeat for the despised U.S.A.

Almost all of those "elite continentals" have forgotten the Marshal Plan, or Truman's Berlin Air-Lift, or Charles De Galle's Maginot Line! Or, the Nazi Panzer Divisions that detoured around it...through Belgium into Paris!


If This Obama-Zero is elected POTUS, by a weird twist of fate, 'Junior' Senator B.O. becomes Commander In Chief of The Greatest Military Command in World History. Think about that for five damn minutes, folks!

IT"S IGNOR.ANCE, what else?

Iran's Labs still enriching U-235,
our borders are full of holes, and we suck in more of...
the MoveOn Soros Hot-Air.

Wake Up! reb

Anonymous said...


You bought into the Bush program, hook, line, and sinker.

George W. Bush is a graduate of Phillips Andover Academy; Yale Collge where, like my niece, he was a member of the secret society, Skull and Bones; and Harvard Business School.

George W. Bush is a scion of one of America's most aristocratic families. If you want the history, read Kevin Phillip's book.

He wasn't even the most promising son of HW and Barbara. That would be Jeb. If Jeb hadn't lost the 1994 FL gubernatorial race against Lawton Chiles, the GOP would have put him forth as their star in 2000. Instead, we got the slow brother.

Slow as he is, never think for a nanosecond that he cares about anybody except his own class.


Anonymous said...

Hey reb,

JFK wass the junior sen from MA.

W only commanded the TX national guard. Even TRH says there is no correspondence between military service and success as POTUS.

Make some valid points willya.


Auntyem said...

John, you said "But it seems for them to like us, we'd have to destroy our economy, dismantle our military, disavow God and bow at the altar of the UN. Not gonna happen". You also see Obama as "uppity". Wow, would you use that term about a white man?

We don't need Europe to like us, we need them to help wipe out the barbarism that you say is religious exremism, but it is simply barbarism clothed in religion, a barbarism that threatens the whole Western world, not just us. There is nothing religious about it. When the Christians were in power, they used barbarous methods like burning "infidels" at the stake--that was also barbarism clothed in religion.

Also, why would the Europeans, from which most Americans descend, want us to destroy our economy when they are trying their darndest to emulate us? Isn't that why they formed a Union---for economic reasons?

Why would they want us to dismantle our military? They benefited from our superior power there, but they don't like our use of nuclear bombs and bases all over. Other countries still have such a fear of dictatorships and colonialism.

Why would they want us to disavow God? Isn't the Vatican over there, and all those cathedrals and shrines, and they allow all those new mosques? Just because they aren't Mormon or whatever? I don't question anyone's faith. If Obama says he came to know Jesus, who am I to say he didn't? Some rock-star Christian evangelists have been such sinners with no shame or humility.

And about bowing at the altar of the UN---the UN was a great idealist idea, until we felt our role as the leader of the free world threatened when they wanted to investigate us, etc. We can't criticize Obama for wanting to be a citizen of the world, when we claim to be the leader of the free world? Isn't that what the US president is? We bow at that altar.

Obama isn't against war, he said, just against stupid wars, and it isn't only an "uppity" negro who thinks that expending so much on Iraq is stupid. Just this morning I read that some women suicide bombers destroyed the feeling of security that was claimed by the administration. They are just too barbaric for us to waste more time there. We need better intelligenct to get at the root of it and eliminate it.

Obama also likes beer--Heineken over Bud Lite, but even Bud aint' American no more. Why do you say he can't join folks in having a beer? Who could be more "folks" than American negroes? I see no difference between them and poor whites except the color of their skin. BUSH IS NOT COMMON FOLKS. He is the scion of a very wealthy family. What is common about that?

As for not knowing what Obama thinks---do we know what Bush and Cheney think? This has been the most secretive administration, undermining the Constitution to give the Executive more absolute power than ever. We don't want a dictator regime for life over here, which is why people are suspicious of the GOP.

You seem to be impressed that Bush uses the term "kick their ass" and "ass---"? Obama can call the numbers as good as anyone--you learn that in the ghetto. You can try appeasement, but in some cases you have to take the offensive and punch someone in the nose. Bush used to get in fistfights with his own father. I think his malapropisms came from the damage done to his brain by all those alcohol binges.

You don't have to worry too much about an "uppity negro" in the White House anyway--that Republican election machine works because those folks always vote, whereas idealistic people who show up for speeches and rallies aren't in the habit of it.

Jesus was charismatic and could draw crowds because he had such an idealist message---feed the poor, love your neighbor, share, be fair, turn the other cheek, etc. but he was killed for it, like Martin Luther King was killed, for threatening the status quo.

If Obama is elected, some nut that can't stand the idea of an uppity negro as Pres. will take it upon himself to do the country a favor (in his mind) by assassinating him. Negroes have been lynched for less, and idealistic white men also pay a price.

Also, why do you have such a low opinion of the Old World? My husband says Greece gave us beauty, the Romans gave us order, and the Jews gave us familial ties. Isn't that what we have here?

Port Orchard, WA

John Washburn said...

Emilie, your response is typical, it's what we call race baiting. Because I am critical of Obama you seem to infer that I may be a bigot. Not gonna work. Yes, I think the word "uppity" applies, and it's one I like to use from time to time. This isn't the first time it has appeared on this site and it won't be the last. Does that make me a racist? If you think that it's a racial term, well I guess I can't do anything about that.

Trust me, you aren't the first to deal the race card at me in the midst of my criticism of Obama, and I'm sure you won't be the last. I couldn't care less what color he is, if I disagree with him I'm gonna say so. My criticism stands.

It's funny how the only people in this country who actually make an issue of Obama's race are the ones who support him (including his own campaign). Not sure how that works.

I won't be intimidated by the fear of being called a racist. The very fact that I'm willing to take issue with him DESPITE his race makes me less of a racist than others who may go along with him BECAUSE of his race. But, you can call me what you want.

As I said, my criticism stands.

As for the "old country", I am critical because Europe has become unrecognizable. It is largely secular, largely socialist, extreme Left, and filled with moral relativism. Yes, we share a rich history with Europe, but that's about where the similarity ends and it by no means implies an obligation to them in any way. They've helped us in the past and we have helped them. It would be nice to have them in the fight against barbarism, but so far they don't seem to be interested in fighting that fight...with the exception of England, Poland and a few others of course. Have you seen much of a desire to take on this fight?

They want our economy weakened so the EU can be more dominant, they want our military weakened because they are generally passive and appeasing, and they want us to disavow God because - for the most part - they've done the same thing. And if there is less God then they have more room for their morally relative lifestyles.

I respect the history, but I don't see much more than that.

Your opinion on the UN is nonsensical. The UN was formed with good intentions but has evolved into the most corrupt organization known to man. It is inept, incompetent, even moreso than our own Congress. It is a way for the 3rd world to exhibit some dominance over the West.

"Who could be more "folks" than American negroes?"....I'm not even sure how to respond to this.

As far as what you call barbarism, again I must correct you. It IS religious extremism. Those people aren't killing just for the purpose of killing. They aren't out to pillage or plunder. Their motivation is based on their religion. That's why it's religious extremism.

And if Obama is "common folks", then I'm first on his list to be VP.

Allisoni Balloni said...

Again, having just been there, I spoke with several people who expressed great concern about our economy, as it hurts them too. Less tourism and less exporting, which are both happening because of our sad economy, leads to a lot of trouble in many areas of Europe.



How many times must we hear the dull, hollow echo of "failed Bush policy in Iraq"? How many times?

I have in hand two full pages of quotes from Democrat Senators & Congressmen, from 1998, 1999, 2001,
and 2002 (including Pres Clinton) that clearly declared the absolute need to forceably remove the "Butcher of Bagdad" from Power in Iraq. Every single quote mentioned Saddam's
"Weapons of Mass Destruction"...

All Talk, but no action.

After 17 U.N. Resolutions, G.W. Bush made the decision to invade in 2003.

Then came the whining and howling,
and the never-ending "Peace Parades", and the well-funded ridicule from the far-out picayune Left...
It Never Stops!

Read these pathetic weak-willed patriots actual words; print 'em, then put them where the sun never shines!

Choose One: General David Petraeus, or Democratic Party BeTrayUs!





Loop Garoo,

As I recall, of the 43 Presidents in this nation's history, only 11 had no military discipline in their
careers. reb

Anonymous said...


I will trust you on the numbers. I cannot find records for military service for John Adams. Nor for Thomas Jefferson who was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase. Nor for James Madison who led us through the War of 1812.
Nor Abe Lincoln who led us therough the Civil War. Nor Woodrow Wilson who led us through WW I. Nor FDR who led us out of the Great Depression and most of the way through WW II. Nor BIll Clinton who helped bring peace to the Balkins and led the country through nearly 8 years of prosperity.

We done here?


John Washburn said...

Jefferson served at the rank of Commander in the Virginia Militia

Madison served at the rank of Colonel in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War

Lincoln served in the Illinois State Militia during the Black Hawk War

FDR was Assistant Sec of the Navy from 1913-1920

Adams never served in the military, however he is famous for his legal work, most notably defending the British soldiers who were charged with murder during the Boston Massacre

Wilson also never served. He is known for urging Americans to be "impartial in thought as well as in action" while the Germans threatened Europe; for imposing heavy income taxes on the wealthy; for establishing the first estate tax; for the campaign slogan "he kept us out of war"; and for negotiating the WWI peace treaty that basically skeletonized Germany, thus ultimately setting the stage for Hitler's rise to power and WWII.

Clinton never served, but he did have a role in bringing peace to the Balkans, a part of the world that had little to do with US national security.

Anonymous said...

snake hunters sez,

Jefferson declared war on England along with 55 other patriots before we had a nation...was an Officer in the Militia, he was a Warrior, and a Statesman. In 1803 he signed the order that put the U.S. Navy (and first U.S. Marines) on the path to our first confrontation with the Barbary (Muslim) Pirates...and all Loop Garoo recalls is the Louisiana Purchase? (A fine R.E. Purchase, to be sure)!


Ron Reagan's brilliant foresight was responsible for Slick Willie's
prosperous 8 years, and Clinton takes the bows...Badda Bing!

Yeah, we're done here, unless Loop Garoo has more wise-ass ridicule to toss around. reb


Auntyem said...


I did NOT accuse you of being a "racist". I don't know you well enough to know how you feel about blacks in general. I was just pointing out your UNFORTUNATE USE OF THE WORD "uppity" in reference to Obama.

I honestly have not heard that term for a LONG time, have heard it ONLY in regards to negroes, and I honestly don't recall anyone referring to a white guy as "uppity", an old-fashioned term nowadays.

What I have heard used for whites who aspire for higher status is "social-climber", "too big for his britches", "high-falutin'", "nouveau riche", "Mrs. Astor's horse" (now that is a real oldie). But I have in all honesty never heard the term "uppity" used for whites.

If anyone in the media had used that term for a black, they would be accused of being racist. Don Imus was crucified for something similar.

You said, "Who could be more 'folks' than American negroes?"....I'm not even sure how to respond to this". You said that people can relate to Bush because he appears to be "folks". I said who can be more "folks" than American negroes who gave us jazz and gospel and blues,[the only original American music-everything else came from Europe], southern cooking, etc. Folksy stuff. They don't go to Europe or have yachts.

You also said, "As far as what you call barbarism, again I must correct you. It IS religious extremism". Well, I still say it is only clothed as such, as was the extremism of early Christianity under the Holy Roman Empire and before that by the pagan Romans killing Christians because they felt their pagan gods threatened.

Obama IS "common folks" compared to Bush. He was raised in laid-back Hawaii, he is not in high society (the private clubs of the rich would never admit him), he doesn't "do the seasons" with the crowned heads of Europe or the global oligarchists, he doesn't have a family yacht like the Bushes have, or family estates all over the country and the world like they have.

Laura Bush is already planning their retirement mansion in the poshest part of Dallas, (the ranch in Crawford is her husband's fantasy---we have yet to see him on a horse) where all in their upper class in Texas live. Not many common folks live there or can afford or would be admitted to their clubs.

Port Orchard, WA

Dan Trabue said...

This guy has zero executive experience and has only been in politics a few years, yet he can stand and deliver a speech full of corny cliches and idealistic imagery...

I believe I've asked this before, but would you have a problem with the (by your criteria) lightly experienced, inspirational Senator from Illinois running for president if his name was Lincoln?

Anonymous said...


In your first comment, you mentioned "having a beer with Bush or Gore or Kerry."

Since we're talking beer, I'd rather have a beer with Bill Clinton.