Tuesday, April 08, 2008

April 6, 2008 -- Hillary Rodham Clinton "misspoke" again on the campaign trail - and a distraught Ohio family is furious about it. Several times in recent months while talking about her plan for universal health care, Clinton told a tale of woe about a young pregnant woman who sought medical care at a local hospital and was turned away for lack of insurance - and both she and the baby died. But the family of the 35-year-old woman - Trina Bachtel - says the story is simply not true. "Trina had good insurance. She was a good girl, and she worked hard. That story made her look like she was a welfare bum," her 80-year-old grandmother May Mayle told The Post yesterday. FULL STORY

The hits just keep coming for Clinton, who continues to have problems telling the truth. But what kills me about her whoppers is how she dismisses the gaffe by saying she "misspoke". Huh?

Misspoke means you said the wrong date, or didn't pronounce someone's name right, or said the wrong time or place. What Clinton is doing is far from mis-speaking. She's telling lies that would make a third grade child or an amateur fisherman proud. But let's put aside the lies for a moment. After all, if you're surprised that the Clintons are liars then you aren't too fast on the uptake in the world of politics.

Instead, let's focus on the intelligence, or lack thereof, in her tales. First, the sniper incident. Did she really expect us to believe this one? If the first lady had landed under hostile fire it would have made every newscast across the country and people would still talk about it today. The commander at the respective facility, along with the pilot, would have faced some tough questions and probably disciplinary action. It would have been a big deal, and not something easily forgotten by the American people. Clinton overshot a bit with this one. Maybe she should have said she visited a place that just one week prior was under sniper fire. That one she could've gotten away with.

Now, the heartbreaking tale of the woman and her baby who died simply because they didn't have health insurance. This, of course, fits Hillary's agenda. She would have us believe that people are dying every day because of lack of insurance. The truth is, hospitals can't and don't turn people away because of inability to pay. If there is a medical emergency, the hospital is obligated to treat it. That's why hospitals along the border are closing their doors. Too many people walk across the line and show up in the ER for "free" health care. So when Hillary told this story I immediately knew it was crap, and the family later came out to verify it. Turns out the woman did have the money to pay, and did have very good health insurance. Her death was an unavoidable medical tragedy, not George Bush's fault.

So Hillary continues to get caught lying. These aren't accidents. They're not gaffes, or examples of mis-speaking. They are bold-faced lies and she appears to be losing her edge a bit. But one really has to question the intelligence here. Yes, the lies are bad, but they are stupid lies at that, not something we would typically see in a presidential candidate.

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