Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barack Obama gave a hair-raising speech about race relations in America yesterday. As expected, the Left and his supporters continue to swoon and sing his praises while the Right says it wasn’t enough and continues to ask many tough questions. I found it typical for him, a great speaker but an empty suit. Obama consistently displays a talent for pointing out America's flaws and describing the utopian society that comes after those flaws are corrected. Yet, he consistently falls short of explaining his plan for correcting things, and how he plans to take us to that utopia. What he says sounds wonderful, until you ask how he plans to do it. Meanwhile, in the wake of the recent controversy regarding Jeremiah Wright, non-partisans and moderates are left asking just one simple question…What does race have to do with it?

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with what Obama said in his speech. Yes, race continues to be a heated political issue. Yes, it is divisive. Yes, we need to maintain healthy dialogue and unite to heal our racial divisions. That’s all great and I’m all for it. But what does that have to do with the issue at hand? Unless I’m mistaken, the discussion has been Obama’s ties with a controversial anti-American preacher. Perhaps that preacher has made some racially charged statements, but race is not the driving issue here. The driving issue is how we perceive our country. Is it good or is it bad? Are we right or wrong and where have we sided historically in that great conflict between good and evil? This is a fundamental question that, in many ways, is more divisive than race. Some Americans believe this country is inherently bad and is in need of drastic reform (ie, socialism and Marxism) while MOST Americans feel we are inherently good and have been throughout history. That’s what the issue is. Yet, for some reason, Barack Obama continues to make race a major issue in this campaign and I don’t understand why.

Someone needs to explain to the Senator that the majority of Americans don’t have a problem with the fact that he is black. If he wants to heal our racial divisions, I think it starts with that simple admission. Most Americans would vote for a black candidate if he were qualified. Most Americans would not vote against a qualified candidate simply because of his/her race (or gender for that matter). For someone who insists that his candidacy is not about race, he sure is making a big deal about his own ethnicity.

Once again, as is often the case, a Democrat politician has completely missed the point. Obama is losing favor among moderates and independents because of his affiliation with Rev Jeremiah Wright. That is a fact. And he isn’t losing favor because Wright is black, or because Wright makes racially charged comments. He’s losing favor because Wright is making anti-American comments. That’s the fundamental problem here, and Obama has completely ignored it.

The fact is, most Americans think favorably of their country. Most Americans believe America is a nation that has made mistakes, but is overall a nation of good. Yes, there are many in this country who think America is bad or evil or whatever, but they tend to be radical Leftists and are clearly the minority. Rev Wright is one of these people, and his comments reflect it. THAT’s what makes people mad and that’s what has turned moderates and independents away from Obama. We don’t care that Wright is black. We don’t care that Obama is black. We do care that a sitting Senator and presidential candidate affiliates himself with someone who sees the US and Al Qaeda on equal ground and says there is no moral difference between Hiroshima and 9/11. That kind of statement may find favor and agreement among the radical Left, but it is highly offensive to most Americans. Race has nothing to do with it. If Obama’s pastor were white and still saying these things, Obama would still be facing the same problem.

But, Obama’s speech yesterday focused on race and not the anti-American sentiment voiced by Wright. It is a major oversight and will prove to be costly to Obama. It shows that, as with most Democrats, he just doesn’t get it. The Democrat party has time-and-again sided with the anti-American crowd, dating back to the Vietnam and Cold War days. If there is a cry against America, it is usually coming from our Leftist population and, frankly, that is the major reason why people vote against (or sometimes for) Democrats. That party has slowly become synonymous with anti-Americanism and it has hurt them in the past two presidential elections and will likely hurt them in this one. Anti-American rhetoric is rejected by the vast majority of citizens and this is no different. That’s why I say the Wright issue won’t hurt Obama in the primary season but will certainly hurt him in the general election. We are already seeing it happen.

Senator Barack Obama is a black man and he needs to get over it. Instead of pointing this out repeatedly, he needs to explain why he is qualified to lead the most powerful nation on the planet as Commander in Chief, and he needs to explain why he lends his stature to a man who holds vile contempt towards his country. So far, Obama has failed to do this and if he continues to make his race a primary issue in this election, while ignoring the true issues at hand, he will certainly lose.

We don’t care that you’re black, Senator. Please explain why you associate with and support a man who sees no moral difference between Hiroshima and 9/11.



Bravo! Obama's "Spiritual Advisor", Pastor, and 20 yr friend sees No Moral Difference between Hiroshima and the 9/11 New York City tragedy...and with his Afro-Centric Rant, he preaches "hate whitey". His church gives Louie Farrakhan a "Lifetime Achievement Award".

We have Moammar Gadaffi's Nuke Factory Stored at Y-12. OUR Under-ground Storage Facility...
Uranium, Aluminum Tubes, etc Yep! Right here in Oak Ridge, Tennessee at the ORNL. Do your "Peace-Lovin' Appeasers" know about that? Check It Out.

Recall Pan-Am Flt 103, Lockerbe, Scotland, Anyone? Bomb on Board. Everyone Died.

Now, we take out Iran's Lab, Underground, and give the Global Jihadi, Muslim Brotherhood "Kill-Culture" another couple of decades of uneasy "Peace" in Palestine.

Chickens Comin' Home To Roost.
Fabulous! Good Luck Obama, You're gonna
need it...In November. reb

Allisoni Balloni said...

I'm sorry, but did you listen to the speech?
I feel that Obama fully acknowledged everything you are claiming he left out. He explained the flaw that existed from the time the constitution was written and how it still affects all races, and while he strongly disagrees with many of the statements that have been made, that there is some type of justification for the way people like Reverend Wright feel. His point was that certain people hold opinions such as those of Rev. Wright BECAUSE of the racial divide in this country. If you had been discriminated against your entire life because of something you cannot change, and it was a trend relatively specfic to the country in which you were born, I can't imagine that you wouldn't be angry, as well.

I feel that the benefit Obama has over all of the other candidates is that he can inspire people do things that they've never done before. I know SO many college students who are suddenly interested in politics, interested in campaigning, interested in what's going on in the world. To me, that is incredible because it takes a hell of a lot for most college students to find a good reason to stop being apathetic, especially about politics. And it's it's because of that man. If he has a country that will rally around him and will trust that he will make good decisions, THAT is what is important. Certainly his policies are important as well, but as he said in his speech, nothing is going to change if we can't all do it together. That would certainly be an improvement than where we're at with the current administration.


Allisoni, Did I listen to the Speech? Yes, very carefully!
At 20, this is your first National Election, and you wish to educate me, Right? The Arrogance of Youth!
What do You know of 'Black Liberation Theology' that you wish to convey to an old man that voted
for Harry S. Truman?
Take the time, Allison, to read the
Babylonian (Law) Code of Hammurabi,
1800 B.C. It's there you will find
ref. on behavior/treatment of Slaves & Slave Holders.
Most Americans believe that slavery
originated in the Southern United States. Few Americans know that this great nation was the First to Establish Hope of Breaking the Ancient Tradition of Slavery.

History records Black, Brown & White Slaves, AND Black, Brown, & White Slave-Holders! African Chieftans sold their own people to Slave-traders! They still do.
We The People...set forth upon this Continent, a new hope, a New Nation, Conceived in Liberty, and Dedicated to the Proposition that All Men Are Created Equal...but it took a while didn't it? And "Black Liberation Theology" doesn't mention it! Why, Allison?

Because Black Liberation has a "Hate Agenda", like "Nation of Islam", the Rev. Louie Farrakhan, and The Reverend Jeremiah Wright!
Unity Is Delayed!

Counter his poison with Bill Cosby's book, "Come On, People!"

No! Hate the 'Government', Hate the Administration, and Hate Dubya, "Cowboy" Bush/Cheney and Halliburton (!) after 9/11.

It's what "Code Pink", MoveOnDotOrg
and U.F.P.J. hope for, Activate For, Rally "Peace Parades" For... Hate Military Recruitment For!

How easily youth are 'turned'. . against their country, by the
Hate Peddlers & Traitors of Liberty!
Grab a Peace Sign, and
a CHANGE slogan, follow the crowd!
U.S. Troops Die, every day for us.

Be a Hate-Puppetista, Allisoni.
"An Appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile,
in the hope of being eaten last".

Winston Churchill, (1939). (print) reb



I Did Not Miss The Fact that the
Reverend Jeremiah Wright felt it
was a proper gesture to grant the Jew-baiting "Nation Of Islam" Leader, the Rev Louie Farrakhan, his Chicago Trinity Christian Church its highest "Lifetime Achievement Award".

Barack Obama had a well-crafted 40 minute speech. Also, it was very carefully delivered. 'Twas lovely. But curiously, he omitted that little item. It could have rounded out a bit of majestic oratory, for historical perspective, and truth.

I'm sorry you missed it.


Dan Trabue said...

How easily youth are 'turned'. . against their country, by the
Hate Peddlers & Traitors of Liberty!

God bless Allison and the Youth of America who are rejecting the hateful ways of politicking and embracing Obama's hopeful, Pro-America-at-out-best campaign!

This, from a fella who was "turned" from the faux conservative Way by the traitorous and despicable policies of Reagan, lo, these nearly 30 years ago.

Obama is no saint. He won't be a perfect president. He has his flaws.

But he'll be a helluva lot better than the previous four (Clinton included). History will show this to be true, I predict (in spite of the great likelihood that WHOEVER our next president is will have to lead our nation through a time of crises due to the failure of planning good policy in the previous half decade.

Dan Trabue said...

Now, before your side makes itself even more irrelevant than you are currently, I'd suggest you focus on the actual issues at hand rather than bogus non-issues like this Wright escapade.

(Which is not to say that it is inappropriate to see what is being preached at our leaders' churches, only that this has been blown way out of hand and Obama masterfully turned the potential negative into a powerful positive and the bulk of the nation, I suspect, is ready to move on.)

Kristina said...

Here's my thing. I don't care about mobilized voters. I don't care about inspiration.

I care about substance. I want to know what policy of Obama's you like. I don't care if the youth are getting out to vote for him. For the most part, these youth are not taking the time to delve into the issues and find out what is really going on. As far as I'm concerned, an uninformed voter (IE one not just informed by the candidate) should NOT vote. If you're not willing to take the time to find out the truth about things, then I don't think you should take the time to go to the polls, either.

And, yet, I agree that this was not about racism. It was about hate. Quite frankly, I don't like Obama. I'm a very conservative person and he's got very liberal policy. So, that's a no go for me. Would it make a difference to me what color his skin is? No. Why should it? Are we voting for people because of the color of their skin, now? I am sure that people have. I am sure that people will continue to. However, I don't care what color your skin is or whether you're a man, woman, Jew, Christian, etc. I just care about your policies.

I care about your past because that tells me what you're most likely to be like in the future. Yes, people change. However, it concerns me that he has been in this church--that preaches hate--for 20 years. Why would he stay? I don't get that. If you don't agree with what you're pastor is saying, why would you stay? I went against all my family and friends to leave a church I didn't agree with when I was 17. A grown man couldn't do the same?

Dan Trabue said...

The thing is, Kristina, that most of us Christian types who agree at least partially with Obama don't find this to be a church that preaches hate at all. We disagree with your conclusion profoundly.

You are free to hold your opinion, of course, but the point is, we think this is a non-issue. You can strive to make the case that this preacher who for 20+ years has been ministering to the poor, ill, afflicted and oppressed, teaching God's Love for all of humanity AND preaching God's justice for the oppressed, you can try to make that case if you want.

I just don't think most people are going to buy it.

"Not this time," as Obama masterfully orated.

After all, they said the same things about Dr. King when he boldly decried the US as "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world," and had as many harsh things to say about the US as Wright has said. But no one believes for a minute that King hated this country or wasn't a man of God.

Sometimes, you have to call wrong a wrong and do so in strong terms.

I happen to think that Wright overdid it. But that's all. No hatred. No racism. Just too strong on the hyperbole.

Good luck making your case that King-like words of anger at injustice are wrong and hateful.

Not this time.

Dan Trabue said...

And make no mistake, we care about substance greatly.

auntyemfaustus said...

Below is a link to the Wall Street Journal forum re Shelby Steele's article "The Obama Bargain". Interesting comments pro and con.

Port Orchard, WA


Comments, like notions are free.
Facts are precious; Take your time, Dan.

To subcribe to the former without
careful research is pure folly;
To acknowledge the difference is
the beginning of Wisdom. reb

Dan Trabue said...

I have no idea what your comment, Reb, has to do with the conversation at hand. I don't suspect anyone here hasn't researched their thoughts and opinions carefully and over time.

Some of us have surely had more thought and more time put in to our opinions. And it is good not to base your philosophy on the first thing you hear and not to rush in to any strong opinions without due consideration. But it is not a wise nor moral thing to put off holding opinions and taking actions on those opinions until you're 75 years old.

That would lead to all manner of evil.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with John. Obama hasn't said anything but "change," and "yes we can" this entire election. It drives me nuts. Yes we can WHAT senator? An answer to that would be nice.

I also think he's getting too much mileage out of race as an issue. So he's a black socialist. That doesn't make him any better than a white socialist. he's still a socialist, which is why I personally can't vote for him.

Anonymous said...


Merely b/c I have abondoned your site does not denote I have abandoned you. Given the unfounded innuendos you have published on Snake Hunters of late, I find your last comment sumpremely ironic in consideration of your turning a blind eye to the facts and your ignoring research all together. Perhaps you should practice what you preach? It is more work than censoring comments which criticize you for not doing so but no one maintained that publishing one's opinions was risk free.

The Loop Garoo Kid


LoopGarooKid has (hopefully) finally achieved a momentary awareness of the value of brevity. See it? ONLY ONE SNIDE PARAGRAPH! reb

John Washburn said...

"If he has a country that will rally around him and will trust that he will make good decisions, THAT is what is important. Certainly his policies are important as well, but as he said in his speech, nothing is going to change if we can't all do it together"

Allisoni, I don't understand the notion that change is more important than policy. Since when is change automatically a good thing?

Do you have any idea what Barack Obama plans to do to save social security? Even with time to do an internet search you're going to have trouble answering that question, and as a young person this should be a VERY important question for you because as things stand you're basically going to pay A LOT of money into a system that will give you NOTHING in return. What does your candidate plan to do about that?

But it's more important to rally around him and "trust" that he makes the right decision. Do you really mean that? Forgive me for saying this, but simply trusting a politician without demanding that he define himself on all positions is foolish. If you want to blindly follow him like some pied piper politician you go right ahead. Meanwhile, I'll keeping asking him tough questions and making him better define himself.

I don't trust ANY politician, not Obama, not McCain, not Bush...none of them. That's one great thing about a representative government. And I will hold them all accountable. I refuse to be hypnotized by a man who gives stirring speeches without giving details on what kind of President he will be.

Dan, certainly you didn't use the term "King-like" to describe Wright. Let's not get carried away here. For one, Dr King was not a marxist, thus not the threat to America that Wright and Obama represent.

I'd be careful about those kinds of comparisons. Dr King deserves more respect than that.

Dan Trabue said...

Your counterparts in the 60s certainly made the charge that King was a Marxist.

But then, neither are Obama nor Wright Marxists, from anything I've seen.

I also think he's getting too much mileage out of race as an issue. So he's a black socialist.

His policy positions are online. You can look them up. He is a responsible, smart gov't advocate. NOT a big gov't advocate. Not a socialist. Not a Marxist.

Y'all sound a bit too much like the conspiracy wackos back in the 60s who suggested King was a Marxist.

His policy planks are about as detailed as most other candidates are at this stage of the game, it seems to me.


Dan Sees No Hate From The Left.
Well, here's a small offering:

Code Pink
Huffington Post

Great Source Material.

If Dan is serious about research,
he should spend a few hours per
week looking up these folks. A near guarantee you'll like 'em. It's a Golden Vein of the Left, a Panorama, a spectacular insight/ view of groups that hope to infect this country's inquisitive youth...w/negativity and hatred,
turn 'em into babbling puppets.

Or, have you been there, done that?
Have you read Michael Moore's scholarly work, "Dude, Where's My
Warner Books, 2003. (Not the 1960's Dan, Your Generation),
$24.95 (Got mine for 50 cents, w/
a near-new dust jacket, w/notation "Leave No Billionaire Behind" (George Soros, Mikey?)

Another book "The Bubble Of American Supremacy" by George Soros. B&N Used, Xlnt Condition $5.00 incl Ship.
(Got cheated on that one). reb

Anonymous said...


Unfortunately you perceive the truth as snide remark which I fear proclaims much more about you than it does about me. Discussions of the facts concerning the failings of the Bush administration are a plot hatched by George Soros. Condemnation of SH's failure to read a Washington Post article is a snide remark worthy of censorship.

The Loop Garoo Kid


LooPie GarooPi:

Chastizing you has been wonderfully effective. You've finally understood "Concise". Your
critique is now down from Eight Paragraphs to One. That's Progress! reb


Ron Reagan: "Trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but they know so much...that isn't so."


Yankee Doodle said...

Barack Obama is not a socialist or a Marxist? Come on!

Maybe you prefer to call him a communist.