Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Looking more and more like a dying campaign, Hillary's army of nasties have apparently distributed a photo of Barack Obama dressed in what looks like traditional Muslim attire. It was during a trip to Africa, and Obama was obliging the local authorities as visiting dignitaries often do. However, his campaign objected to the photo, calling it fear-mongering and an attempt to build on the concerns of some that Obama is secretly Muslim.

Of course, Hillary denies any involvement and I'm still looking for someone who believes her. She now personifies desperation. I doubt this will harm Obama, but you never know. If anyone can revive a dying campaign with cheap tactics, it's Hillary. Of course, these tactics come as no surprise to me and other conservatives. The Clintons have won many elections like this. I find it interesting how those on the Left are so offended by her behavior now, but found no problem with it in the 90s when Bill was on the ticket. Typical.

Speaking of cheap tactics, the New York Times is up to their usual tabloid rag reporting with their latest deliberate slime of John McCain. Quoting anonymous "associates" from his 2000 campaign, they claim that McCain had an inappropriate romantic relationship with a lobbyist and used his influence to assist her clients. They offered no proof. No evidence. Only the word of these unnamed anonymous sources that no one knows. The New York Times is standing by their story. Does anyone still take this Leftist rag seriously?

The Times has had this story since December. There is no explanation why they've been sitting on it this long, and there is no explanation why they endorsed McCain despite having this information at the time. Credibility is not something valued too highly at the Times.

But, this whole thing has improved McCain's favorability in my eyes. If the New York Times hates you, then you must be doing something right. I'm not the only conservative who feels this way, so McCain will probably be writing the Times a thank you note sometime soon. He needed a boost among conservatives, and this may be just that.


Anonymous said...

To all and sundry,

In the News of the Week in Review that appeared in the 2.2408 Sunday NYT, there was an interesting article by Frank Rich detailing why Clinton's campaign is faltering while Obama's is strengthening. As I recall te article it seems that Obama is simply out organizing Clinton.


The Loop Garoo Kid

Dan Trabue said...

Imagine that. An organizer who is good at organizing.

Power to the People!


Imagine That! One Democrat with more Hot-Air than the Other! Hillary needs a 'New Direction',
and More...CHANGE!
Texas & Ohio Next!

Maybe they should both focus on why the
House Of Representatives
Failed to Address the Critical...

(The Senate Passed It). reb