Sunday, February 05, 2006

Periodic posting of a little known Hillary fact

Hillary is quite the commodities trader. Reeling from her losses in the Whitewater land development, she decided to try and get it back through investing in cattle futures. She put forth an initial investment of $1000. She says she became knowledgable about commodities by reading Barron's and The Wall Street Journal.

So she uses this knowledge to make a series of phenomenal trades that many experts say could only be made by a well-experienced market veteran. Eventually, she makes nearly $100,000 through these investments, which is a 10,000% return on the initial $1000....WOW!

The Journal of Economics and Statistics looked into it, the odds of her pulling this off were 1 in 250 million. Conclusion, Hillary had help.

Does anyone remember what happened to Martha Stewart for insider trading????

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