Monday, August 01, 2011

The Debt Deal

Did I call it or what?  A deal was struck, both sides saved face, and absolutely nothing was accomplished.  Nothing.

No problem was solved.  We simply postponed the inevitable.

Quick question:  What if next April I send a letter to the IRS telling them that I couldn't get a loan from the bank to pay my taxes?  That I continue making my house payments, my credit card payments, my car notes, but I couldn't increase my debt limit any further so Uncle Sam doesn't get his?  We all know the answer to that.

Yet, President Obama and his talking points parrots, his mainstream media bullhorn, all would have us believe that if we had failed to increase the debt limit the US would have defaulted on its debt payments.  This was perhaps the most dishonest thing ever stated in this whole shameful process. 

Let's be clear.  The US Treasury brings in about $2 trillion a year in revenue.  Our debt service is approximately $400-500 billion a year.  The math is simple.  We have plenty of money to pay our debts.  The President just used his favorite scare tactic to force many spineless Congressmen to cave on this vital issue.  Had the debt limit not been raised the US would not have defaulted.  Instead, money would have been diverted from one area to another to meet this crucial priority.  The President simply didn't want to be inconvenienced in such a way, so he threatened economic disaster, catastrophe, etc.  He even told seniors that their social security checks were in danger. 

That's Hope and Change?

It's clear to me that there are very few in Washington with guts.  Obama leads the herd of the spineless, and John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and Harry Reid are right there next to him.  I outlined a laundry list of things that needed to be done to solve the debt crisis.  How many of these things were accomplished?  Zero.

What's interesting is the mindset of the caucus of fools in DC.  During this discussion, we had a group of Congressmen demand a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution as a requisite for more borrowing.  They demanded drastic cuts in government spending to avoid future problems of a similar nature.  They demanded true fiscal responsibility with the people's money.  And how were these people treated in the debate?

Well, they were painted as radicals.  Kooks.  Joe Biden even called the Tea Partiers "terrorists".  TERRORISTS!  Requiring Congress to spend no more than they bring in is akin to terrorism?  There was a time in US history when a balanced federal budget was the norm.  Now it's considered radical.  Yes, that's how far we've drifted from sanity.

Obama said the Tea Party was playing political games, holding the debt hostage to advance their political cause.  Politics as usual.   But telling the American people that we will default on our debt, that the economy will collapse, that seniors won't get their checks if the debt limit isn't raised, I guess that's all within the realm of Hope and Change.  And when you call tax increases "spending cuts in the tax code", I guess that's honest politics, huh? 

And before anyone heralds this "deal" as a great thing, let's look at the facts.  First, no spending is cut.  Well, maybe it depends on what the word "cut" means.  To me, a spending cut means we spend less then than we do now.  Simple right?

Not to them.  In this bill they define a spending cut as a reduction in the INCREASE in spending that is forecast.  Congress increases the budget every year.  They're just saying they won't increase it as much as they originally planned.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how they define a spending cut.  We are now on the brink of $17 trillion in debt, with an annual deficit of $1 trillion a year and upwards of $50 trillion in unfunded obligations to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Congress answers this crisis by saying we won't overspend as much as usual.  Yet, we will continue to overspend in jaw-dropping fashion, and still don't have a plan to actually pay our debts or make good on our promises.  But dont worry, for the next decade (well, actually we won't start the reduction in overspending until 2013) we will reduce the amount of spending increases that we plan to make.  And this is supposed to be a great deal for America?  This is what they call a "spending cut"?

In truth, there isn't a dime of ACTUAL spending that will be cut.  And the reduction in spending increases won't begin until 2013.  Meanwhile, we will implement the largest debt increase in our history.  All without cutting one penny of spending.

What else is there?  Well, we couldn't pass a bill under Obama without a federal commission right?  So, this bill includes forming a commission to discuss more "spending" cuts and finding ways to "raise revenue"  (or, if you're Obama, cut spending in the tax code).  No one can be sure how effective this commission will be since the last commission Obama formed to make recommendations on the deficit and debt was completely ignored by  the President.  But it wouldn't be an Obama bill without a commission so it had to be done. 

So what happens next?  Well, we're gonna have some mighty big bond auctions and borrow A LOT more money.  Of course, US bonds aren't exactly the world's greatest investment given the fact that we will soon be $17 trillion in debt with no hope of ever repaying it.  So what happens when we can't find enough suckers to invest in America's future?  Well, that's when Obama's rich uncle Ben Bernanke steps in and gladly offers to buy our debt.  No problem.  He can just turn on the printing press and create money out of thin air.  Say hello to super-inflation!  Say goodbye to the value of your hard-earned money, you're lifetime savings and retirement.

Let's not kid ourselves.  America WILL default on our debt.  It's a given.  Either we will simply not be able to pay our debt service, OR we will simply print the money to pay it creating a de facto default.  Since our money has no basis for value we can print as much as we want and poof!!!  All debt is gone.  Again, it's inevitable.  There is nothing that can stop it. 

The only sane people in this debate are the ones who recognize that difficult truth.  Very hard economic times are bearing down on us and they will become much more treacherous once America finally does default on our debt.  The question is, when will it happen?  For me, rather than force this sort of hardship on my children a few years down the road, I'd rather go ahead and get it over with.  I'd rather it be me who endures the pain than them.   I'd rather be the one to suffer so my kids won't have to.  So I say let's not postpone the inevitable, while taking drastic steps (Constitutional Amendments) to ensure we never end up in this spot again.  That's the Tea Party position.

But, we are called radicals, even terrorists for holding such a position.

And that's how far we've regressed as a nation. 

So, go ahead Mr Boehner, gather your caucus, twist your arms.  Go ahead and pat yourself on the back Mitch McConnell.  Sing your own praises Mr. Obama and Mr.Reid.   History will remember you in a much different way.  The men who lacked the courage to endure what our children should never have to.   

Monday, July 04, 2011

What must be done to solve the debt problem

I'm going to make this as plain and simple as possible so that anyone in Washington can understand.  If you want to solve the debt problem then this is what must happen:

1) Pass a Constitutional amendment mandating a balanced budget
2) Pass a Constitutional amendment that mandates Congressional oversight of the Fed, including regular audits, and guarantees the right of all citizens to a sound and stable currency based on tangible value

3) Re-establish the gold standard as the basis of value for the US dollar
4) Cut spending across the board - leave no federal program or cabinet department untouched
5) Pass a Constitutional amendment that protects the people from excessive taxation, guaranteeing that no citizen shall be deprived of more than 30% of their income in total goverment taxation.

Do these things and then Congress should move forward to raise the debt ceiling to solve whatever short-term problems may arise.  But, if these things aren't done then the vote must be no,  we must not raise the debt limit without properly controlling the government excess that brought us to this point. 

Any Congressman who fails to abide by this will likely face fierce opposition from Tea Party supporters.

And, to clear things up, there is nothing about the debt limit that is connected to our ability to pay off our loans.  The fear-mongerers will tell us that if we don't raise the debt limit we will default on our bond payments.


The US Treasury brings in more than enough money to pay our debts.  Yes, they'll have to divert from bloated government programs to pay the bill but they can pay it nonetheless.  If the US defaults it is by choice, and the lack of courage to cut when cuts are called for. 

The alternative is to raise the debt limit without introducing the above measures, and Washington will continue to operate unchecked - devaluing our currency, cheapening our labor, raising our cost of living, eroding our economy - all in the name of political gains and government handouts.  That would be disastrous and is unacceptable. 

So I'm hoping that our Congessional leaders show courage, show guts.  Hopefully these things will happen and the US can finally get on the road to recovery.  But, to be honest, I don't think I have that much faith in those people.  Except for a small handful, most of them are gutless and uninformed.  Most of them lack the courage to choose paper or plastic at the grocery store, much less make a meaningful decision for their constituents.

So my guess is that some deal will be struck, both sides will save face, the issue will be postponed to another day and no actual solution will be implemented, the issue will be kicked down the road for someone else (namely our children) to deal with....and America will continue to plummet into economic despair.

All because no one has the guts to do what must be done.

We need courage in the debt and deficit discussion

It's the 4th of July and no better day to talk about courage.  Recently, the Texas Legislature dodged an important political issue because they lacked the courage to address it.  Governor Perry asked them to take up the illegal federal airport pat-downs and vote on a bill that would ban such pat-downs in the State of Texas without proper cause.  There were some Senators and House members who did take up the cause and pledged their vote, but most of them fell short.  Even to the point where many House members simply refused to show up for a vote, thus guaranteeing no vote would be taken. 

The Justice Dept had threatened Texas with legal action if the bill passed, and instead of standing with the Constitutional rights of Texans, our legislature simply chose not to vote.  Is there a better example of cowardice in current political debate?

Well, maybe soon there will be.  Congress is discussing the debt ceiling.  President Obama and the Dems want to raise the debt ceiling and eliminate the tax break that corporations get for having private jets.  The GOP wants something closer to austerity measures before they agree to a new debt limit.   However, many Republicans have hinted that they would strike a deal to delay true substantive action until after the next election.  Cowards.

No one in Congress has the guts to do what must be done.  So, chances are, nothing will be done.  Imagine if this was the prevailing mindset in the pre-Revolutionary English colonies.  I doubt the 4th of July would have any meaning today.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Texas rebels against govt mandated sexual assault...the justice dept reacts with an abuse of power

The State of Texas remains under assault from an out-of-control federal government. The latest attack on state's rights comes from the TSA.

The Texas Legislature has recently been looking into the TSA full-body patdowns and in response they have put together a bill that would make it a crime to fondle the genitals of any citizen as a requisite for travel. The bill passed the House without a single dissenting vote. No one - Democrat or Republican - voted against this measure. So it was sent to the Senate where they also seemed ready to pass the Bill.

That's when the long arm of the Federal gov't reached in. A Justice Dept attorney sent the Texas Senate a letter that essentially threatened legal action, AND threatened to cancel all flights to and from Texas if this bill passed. In other words, the Justice Dept abused its power by using it to coerce a State Legislature into doing its bidding.  Keep in mind, the TSA groping is not a federal law.  This is all part of the executive branch where they have enacted homeland security standards that calls for sexually assaulting random airline passengers before they can fly.  If Congress had passed a law allowing govt officials to sexually assault random passengers prior to travel then Texas may not have the Constitutional authority to act (however, a court challenge would certainly be in order).  But I digress.

At any rate, the TSA is violating random citizens without probable cause, the Texas legislature took a stand and the Justice Dept threatened them with severe penalties if they proceeded.

The Texas Senate folded like a cheap suit. They failed to pass the bill. Now, government agents continue to have the authority to sexually assault you and your children on a whim, and the citizens of this country are powerless to stop it. This is all because of a federal agency - the TSA - that has no clue how to actually protect US citizens. It is because a State's elected representatives don't know the meaning of the word 'courage'. It is because we have a Justice Dept that is infected with unprecedented levels of corruption.

There are many things this presidential administration has screwed up. But I think once it is finally over, few of those mistakes will measure up against the foul management of the Justice Dept. Eric Holder is a disgrace.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting tired of this President's mafia-like way of doing business. Issuing threats, knee-capping your enemies, granting healthcare waivers to your friends, this is not "hope and change" for D.C. This is Chicago thuggery come to Washington. He'll cancel an overseas trip to save his healthcare bill, but when a Missouri town gets wiped off the map he won't be inconvenienced by it...there's beer to drink in Ireland. Barack Obama is an embarrassment to our Republic.

And now the great state of Texas cowers before the federal gov't because a justice department pimp sends a threatening letter. How sad.

Rest assured, my fellow Texans won't forget this. There are Senators in Austin who pill pay a hefty political price for not standing against Holder and his goons. We're in a situation where citizens' rights are being threatened and the Texas Senate has decided to stand on the wrong side.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This is not a federal disaster...because it's Texas.

The Texas Forest Service has helped respond to nearly 10,000 separate wildfires since November 2010. During that time, 2.3 million acres of Texas land has been burned by fire, that's more land than nearly two Rhode Islands. Hundreds of homes have been lost, and the fires have crept dangerously close to Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs. Governor Perry asked for parts of Texas to be declared federal disaster areas. President Obama has denied that request.

I'm sure the President's denial has nothing to do with the fact that Texas is one of the most conservative states in America.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Texas has not voted for a democrat President since the 70s.  No.

For comparison, let's look at some things that President Obama DOES consider a federal disaster.

April 2011, the harbor at Crescent City, California was destroyed by tsunami waves after the Japanese earthquake. President Obama declared this a federal disaster...a harbor.

April 2011, a similar declaration was made regarding Brookings Harbor in Oregon.

March 2011, 60 counties in Illinois were declared federal disaster areas after a blizzard.

March 2011, 7 counties in Connecticut declared federal disaster areas after a blizzard.

March 2010, Obama declared parts of California federal disasters after wildfires in 2009. Those fires destroyed 300,000 acres, one-eigth of what has been destroyed in Texas, and yet the President does not feel the Texas fires meet the criteria for disaster money.  I'm sure the President isn't playing politics with peoples lives and homes.  I'm sure there is a logical reason why he considers a wildfire in California to be a federal disaster, but does not feel the same about a wildfire 8 times bigger in Texas.

Today, the President is in Texas to discuss immigration. Of course.  Election time is right around the corner and it's never too soon to pander to racial minorities.  I wonder if someone will question him about his lack of empathy for those who have suffered greatly from these terrible fires.
And if he needs to declare another federal disaster anytime soon, I would suggest he start with his own presidency.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Obama's victory parade

Yesterday the White House announced no photos of a dead Usama will be released for public view.  President Obama said Bin Laden was not a "trophy" and that there was no need to "spike the football". 

Then he packed up and headed to Ground Zero.

Today is May the 5th.  Why is the President at Ground Zero?  I remind you all that President Obama has NEVER visited Ground Zero as President.  Why now?

Mind you, I don't have a problem with the President of the United States pausing at Ground Zero to honor the fallen.  But I do find it odd - and more than coincidental - that this President chose to make his first visit in two and a half years just days after Bin Laden was killed.  There is no explanation from the White House about why this day was chosen and if it was scheduled before or after the death of Bin Laden. 

Is it possible that President Obama is politicizing the death of Osama Bin Laden? 

He invited George W Bush to join him.  Bush declined.  I'm sure the former president was wondering the same thing as I.  Even Bill Clinton declined the invite. 

Here's the thing.  Regardless of Obama's intentions it looks tacky.  It looks like a victory parade for himself.  It looks like he's spiking the football.  But no photos of dead Bin Laden.

In related news, the UN is now demanding all of the information regarding the assault into Pakistan that killed Bin Laden.  They want to know if our action was legal according to international standards.  That's funny.

It's funny that the UN portrays itself as a defender of international justice, even when it's the death of a homicidal maniac in question.  Does anyone remember the last time the UN demanded information from the Palestinians for their attacks on Israel?  Me neither.  It's funny that the UN thinks they can demand anything from America.  I would promptly tell them what they could do with their demands but I doubt Obama has the courage.

And in Pakistan, there are protests against America.  You know, flag burning, we're the devil, etc.  Apparently the Pakistani people have a problem with America killing one of the most evil human beings to ever draw breath.  Isn't it about time we started calling it as we see it?  Pakistan is a terrorist state.  Yes, I said it.

They harbored the most notorious terrorist in world history.  And now they are enraged over America's action to kill that terrorist.  Yes, Pakistan is a terrorist state.  And, by the way, they are also a nuclear state.  Scary. 

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

No photos of dead Usama

The White House says they will not release any photos of the dead Bin Laden.  The concern is that such a publication would offend the Muslim world.  It would be inflammatory. 

"There is no need to spike the football," says President Obama.  Hillary Clinton agrees, as do many in the Obama administration.

Then I pulled some old headlines off of Drudge reminding us all of what the President is okay with showing us.

Here's a headline about the Obama administration allowing the release of hundreds of photos of US troops engaged in torture and prisoner abuse

And here's another where a policy is changed allowing photographs of military caskets and body bags as they are unloaded from overseas flights

Oh, I see.
Oh, I get it.

It's okay for us to see photos of US troops engaged in prisoner abuse.  Of course those photos will inflame the Muslim world and put other US troops in danger...but more importantly they will embarrass Obama's political enemies and his presidential predecessor.  Yes, by all means, LET'S RELEASE THOSE PHOTOS!

And we must have photos of dead US troops in their coffins.  Because that's SOOOO important.  Otherwise, we may not actually know how terrible war is if we don't see photos of dead US soldiers in coffins.  By all means, snap away.

But dead Usama?  Absolutely not.  A photo of one of America's most hated enemies.  That's where the President draws the line.  It would be way too offensive.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Bin Laden is dead...the good and the bad

Good:  Osama Bin Laden is dead.  I hope he roasts in hell for an eternity.  Yes, I said it.  No one deserves it more.  No capture.  No trial.  No media circus like we see with KSM.  Double tap to the head, lights out.  Lets party.

Bad:  The reaction from the Muslim world is lukewarm at best.  Sad.  This maniac murders 3000 Americans in cold blood and they're dancing in the streets.  We eliminate the man who is responsible for thousands of innocent Muslim deaths and not a peep from the Middle East (except for Saudi Arabia).  What is wrong with these people?  Can somebody explain to me why the Muslim world wouldn't welcome the death of someone who has done so much damage to their religion?

Good:  We took him out in a brilliantly executed mission, and we took control of his body.  Further proof of his death. 

Bad:  For some reason, President Obama felt obliged to honor Bin Laden's death by granting him Muslim burial rights.  I understand the need to be sensitive toward Muslim customs, but again this man was a menace to the Muslim religion.  He did not represent Islam.  He murdered Muslims by the score.  Did he really deserve to have his body treated with respect as to Muslim custom?  No.  Bring the body to the USA.  Have it examined by military and private sector pathologists for further confirmation of his death, incinerate it, then scatter the ashes over the sea.

Good:  President Obama gave the order that had to be given.  We had to infiltrate Pakistan to carry out the attack.  That's not easy when we're supposed to be working with them.  But Obama didn't hesitate.  Give him credit.  He has picked up where Bush left off and has done some very good things in the war on terror.  I applaud him for it, and I applaud Bush for laying the groundwork. 

Bad:  Pakistan can't be trusted.  Period.  I say withdraw all foreign aid from them and wish them luck fighting off the Taliban. 

Good:  Americans reacted with jubilation at the news, joining together to celebrate in the streets.  It was good to see.  For a moment, it was 9/12 all over again.  For a moment, we were united as a nation.  No divisions.  No partisans.  No political ideology.   And then...

Bad:  Many of those celebrating carried Obama-Biden 2012 signs.  Many were chanting "four more years".  Many were chanting Obama's name.  While the majority of people were singing God Bless America and the national anthem, these idiots were turning it into an Obama political rally. 

Really?  You're going to inject politics into this moment?  Sickening.

What I like most is that we proved our resolve as a nation.  It took us a while, but we got him.  There were times we thought about quitting, and many people wanted to give up and bring the troops home.  But more determined minds prevailed.  Despite the political pressure, we kept up the fight.  We refused to give up.  Bill Chrystal said it best when he said "the wheels of justice may turn slowly, but turn they do".  Indeed.  We proved that no matter where you hide, no matter how long it takes, no matter the cost, when you attack us we will hunt you down.  We will find you.  And we will kill you.  It's quite a testament to our strength as a nation. 

Many evil human beings have met their end in similar ways, defying liberty, challenging our God given rights.  We have stood our ground against them all, and triumphed.  Bin Laden is dead.  He is the latest in a long line of tyrants who have assaulted liberty and lost.  Perhaps one day, the tyrants will learn.